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Sun Apr 14 2019
Woodland Whimsy

Woodland Whimsy was inspired by my love of nature, especially butterflies, which are so incredibly inspirational in my life.  Most people wouldn’t guess this, but nothing makes me happier than being outdoors and being surrounded by nature’s beauty.  I wanted to create a collection that signifies everything that I am and all the things that […]

Woodland Whimsy was inspired by my love of nature, especially butterflies, which are so incredibly inspirational in my life.  Most people wouldn’t guess this, but nothing makes me happier than being outdoors and being surrounded by nature’s beauty.  I wanted to create a collection that signifies everything that I am and all the things that I love.

I combined many textures and patterns in this design, one of my favorites being birch.  I also included a rustic wood and moss, while pairing it with the most gorgeous black and white floral pattern.  Adding pops of color with the butterflies keeps the design playful and making it perfect for any grade level.

I realize not everyone can hang from their ceilings.  I consider myself very lucky that I can do this.  As long as we keep it two feet from the ceiling, we are fine.  I love to use lanterns as focal points in my classroom.  I made sure to purchase extra large ones to create more drama and give it that “WOW” factor when you walk into the room.  Keeping the lanterns neutral feels more calming in the space.  I added pops of color with the beautiful butterflies, plus I love how they look like they are resting throughout the day.

The tassels are brand new this year and probably my favorite new product for 2019!  Not only are they trendy, but they add a touch of flair to your space.  You can add them to lanterns like I did or string them to create the most beautiful banner.

I never get tired of my hutch.  I purchased this at a resale shop several years ago and painted it white.  Right now, I use it for all of my picture books.  Inside, I have art supplies and my sensory materials stored.  The drawers are also amazing to have as well!  I love adding a piece of furniture to your classroom – this just makes it feel more homey!

In addition to the butterflies, textures and patterns, I’ve included the sweetest baby animals as cutouts in this collection.  I can tell you with cerainty that my students just LOVE them!

and the tree….

I shared the story about the tree on my Instagram, but I will tell it again just in case you missed it…

I envisioned a new kind of tree for the classroom.  Something different and more realistic.  I wanted it to become a classroom focal point and pictured a canopy of leaves over bulletin boards, doorways and windows.  We really struggled with getting this to look like I had envisioned.  We must have worked on this tree for months.  After feeling a bit defeated and thinking it would be almost impossible to get this to work,  I decided to contact my friend in Nebraska who had the most artistic daughter that I’ve ever seen in my life.  Her name is Mary Johnson.  Mary just graduated from high school and was headed to Kansas City Art Institute to pursue an Art career.  I talked to her mom and asked if she thought Mary could draw the tree I had envisioned.  Well, not only did she draw the tree…she drew it in 45 minutes!  What?!?

I am excited to say that this tree may be the best selling product in 2019.  The verdict is still out, but it appears that Mary created a winner regardless.  If you get a chance, go follow this girl on Instagram (Artbymaryj) – you will be amazed at what she creates!
Did I mention that this collection also comes with the most stunning black and white gingham border?  Take a look at the shape of the scallops…this is BRAND NEW!  I wanted something a little more modern.  I think it turned out really beautiful!

Here is the floral design up close.  Black and white floral is so “in” this year – especially layering pops of color throughout the design.  You see this look in home decor right now.  I like how this design focuses on natural elements, but I made it a little more chic and sophisticated with this pattern.  It’s just really pretty.

I know you’re going to ask…I bought the flower poms from Luna Bazaar.  I believe they may be discontinuing them though.  If you are interested in purchasing them, I would head there soon before they are all sold out.  

The Word Wall is from my Just Teach collection and can be purchased as well.

The animal cutouts are used on my tables.  I have a squirrel table, a deer table, a raccoon table, a bunny table and a fox table.  I keep the animals on their desks all day long – it makes it easy to call tables for classroom management purposes.

Did you know that the brick paper is brand new this year too?  Pacon came out with a white brick to coordinate with this design!  In fact, all of the paper in the room is by Pacon.  I used the black and white stripe, Azure, white brick and Emerald.

My desk area…

I enlarged many of the digital papers that come with the digital collection to create my own custom paper.  When I go to Staples, I ask for “blueprint” paper.  This will keep the cost down.  I have the digital paper enlarged to 36 x 48 inches.  It only costs $5 to have it printed.

The beautiful butterfly pattern also comes in this stunning border!

More views of my desk…

I added the lightbulb cutouts from my Industrial Chic collection to my carpet area.  I love how they look with this design!

Just like the digital bulletin board paper, I enlarged the posters to the same size (36 x 48 inches).  Again, each poster cost $5.  With the digital products, you have the flexibility to enlarge anything you would like, which is a really nice option to have when you’re decorating.

The rug is from Brylane Home.  Honestly, it’s not holding up well.  The corners are flipping and I’ve tried everything to get them to go down.  It’s a cute rug, but it’s a situation of “you get what you pay for.”

Here’s a little glimpse of my leveled readers.  My students use this area to book shop.  They have individual book boxes that they use daily, plus they also use these to fill their book bags on a weekly basis.

I purchased this chalkboard at Ballard Designs.  It was actually a mirror in the beginning.  It broke during shipping and Ballard Designs said that I could keep it instead of sending it back.  I LOVE the frame and didn’t want to throw it out.  I used chalkboard paint to paint the inside and then my student teacher created decals with her Cricut.

The flowers were enlarged to 11 x 17 and 18 x 24 to create this wallpapered looking wall.  I also enlarged the animals to an 18 x 24 in this photo.  The animals are available pre-printed in stores too.  There come in both the small and large sizes.

I use this back counter to organize my teacher life…

The curtain was created with enlarged digital paper, then I added the tassels just for fun!  I love how it turned out!  I folded the paper over a tension rod, then stapled the bottom of the paper to keep it from sliding off the rod.  I added a little birch border too – that helped to create a more custom, tailored look to the curtain.

Door decor sets are very popular right now, so I created the cutest sets to coordinate with every 2019 collection!  You don’t even need to use them on your door – bulletin boards would be equally as perfect!

This chair is another resale find.  My dad painted the frame white.  I love how it looks in this space!

My classroom library…

I found the Ikea couch cover on Etsy.  I also used my digital paper to create custom, coordinating pillows from Zazzle.  Super easy!

Book bin labels are available digitally and in stores (with the Just Teach Collection).

I get SO many compliments on my classroom.  It’s not overwhelming and it feels calm all the time.  It’s been a collection that I haven’t gotten tired of (and I’m usually ready to change my design after only a couple months).

It just feels good.

This collection is available in your local teacher stores, online at Carson-Dellosa, or you can purchase the digital collection in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!


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