Sat Jul 31 2021
Polka Dots, Daisies & the Schoolgirl Style 10th Anniversary

July is coming to a close and WOW. What. a. Month. From celebrating the 10th anniversary to launching our NEW classroom rugs to product literally FLYING off the shelves because it’s #back-to-school season, I’m just sitting here with my heart so full.  As I close the chapter to one decade in this story, and begin […]

July is coming to a close and WOW. What. a. Month. From celebrating the 10th anniversary to launching our NEW classroom rugs to product literally FLYING off the shelves because it’s #back-to-school season, I’m just sitting here with my heart so full. 

As I close the chapter to one decade in this story, and begin a new one, I’m so thankful. Thankful to be on this journey. And humbled. Humbled and honored that I have the privilege of creating decor that dances on the walls in classrooms throughout the US – Decor that I hope and pray inspires, encourages, and warms the hearts of students and teachers everywhere…It’s not lost on me the gift of this journey that I have been given, and I walk in it with all the joy. 

As I round out this month, I wanted to spend some time with the darling OOPS-A-DAISY collection, while highlighting the 10th Anniversary Classroom Makeover. This collection holds a very special place in my heart. It is a re-creation of the Polka Dots and Daisies collection, which was the very first classroom decor line I created 10 years ago. For me, the OOPS-A-DAISY collection honors the beginning of a beautiful journey. It affirms, that even with all the challenges, the ups and downs, the mountaintops and valleys, of the last 10 years, I have made the right decision in chasing after my dreams.

The 10th Anniversary Makeover was focused on giving back to the community. This makeover was a culminating moment that represented growth and learning. Patience and perseverance. It celebrated the heartbeat of Schoolgirl Style – supporting and loving teachers as they create safe, beautiful spaces for their students to flourish! 

The makeover was given to a community classroom, which was a first for me! This classroom is used for a variety of reasons, both within the school, and outside the school, for the community. We wanted this makeover to be a gift, as we hope all our makeovers will be. For me, it was a way of giving back to where the Schoolgirl Style journey all began.

Some of our NEW CLASSROOM RUGS played a beautiful part in this makeover. We are so so proud of these rugs and have deemed them the crowning jewels in finishing touches to classroom decorating. For this makeover we used the Daisy Area Rug to create a gathering place within the classroom, the Bees on Black Area Rug for the reading nook, and the Daisy Polka Dots Area Rug under the teacher desk. The rugs come in two sizes, 5’x7’6″ and 7’6″x12′, are fire retardant and roll-out like a dream with FLAT CORNERS (no more strategically placing furniture to hold down the corners of the rug – AMEN!)

Currently this collection is only available in UPRINT, so we have worked hard to make the logistics of printing it yourself super user-friendly! Most of the pieces have already been enlarged on 8.5″x11″ paper so you don’t have to worry about enlarging – just print, cut-out and decorate to your hearts’ content!

With this, we created two pocket chart calendar sets, so there’s no enlarging and printing the background to the calendar. This collection comes with two different styles, the Painted Dot Calendar and the Patterned Calendar. Pair with a pocket chart and you are golden!

For borders, the Just Around the Corner Border, Painted Dot Border and Black Awning Border were staples throughout this makeover. Check out this video, where Chad gives some great tips on how we combined and layered these beauties!

In each makeover, I like to create a teacher command center and for this room the white bookshelf was the perfect location! Organization is made easy with pieces of my Little Black Desk Set, magazine file holders and coordinating notebooks.

Also, I spy, dare I say, my favorite cut-outs EVER – the painted dots cut-outs! Oh they are just dreamy and make that white wall dance a happy jig!

I just love our classroom jobs bulletin board sets! I don’t know if it’s the cute little pockets, or the dainty name tags, but either way, these sets aid in classroom management, while making bulletin boards look dapper. The OOPS-A-DAISY Classroom Jobs set has pockets with the perfect touch of a scalloped edge and gingham pattern. AND those daisy name labels make me swoon.

Let’s take a moment for the gorgeous pops of coral floral sprinkled throughout the room. WHEW. I LOVE adding beautiful florals to classrooms. It’s an easy way to add pops of the accent colors, while making the classroom feel more like home! FYI – we now sell florals at the Schoolgirl Style Store in Flushing! Come visit us!

Oh those paper lanterns, they’re my favorite! Bundling these little darlings over the student desks creates such a warm feel, while defining spaces. For this combo we used the Your Future is Bright Yellow Lantern, Pacific Northeast Emerald Green Lantern, Rose Coral Lantern, Pale Peach Lantern and Orange Crush Lantern.

At each table I like to create a command station of supplies for students. The classroom caddy is the perfect vessel for keeping all those markers, crayons and pencils organized! I dressed up the tables even more with cans wrapped in the coordinating paper, just adhere with hot glue or mavalus tape and you are ready to throw in some flowers for a fun little centerpiece!

And of course, the tables and stools are from Ikea 😉

Teacher desk goodies for the win! I love to adorn teacher desks with the Little Black Desk Set pieces. They coordinate perfectly with almost every collection, and provide the perfect organization.

Make your teacher desk feel a bit more homey, by adding a lamp and some florals – a lot of hours are spent grading and planning here, so having a slice of home will make it a bit more sweet!

I love to create pieces that sprinkle positivity throughout classrooms, and the posters do just that! There are six different poster designs for this collection, each intensionally curated to help shine light and goodness. For this makeover we enlarged the posters to 24″x35″.

Throughout the room we created the most darling daisy cut-out garlands, with an ever-so-often pop of the happy bee cut-out. Also, do you peek those darling painted dots cut-outs? Don’t they just make you happy?! They are available in three different sizes, and if wanted, can be enlarged at a print shop.

I knew when we started this makeover, I wanted to paint an accent wall, but it was a toss up between green, yellow and coral. Coral is just speaking my love language this season, so we went for it and I have ZERO regrets! The coral color was a custom color I had made at Home Depot. If you are loving it and want it, a picture of the custom label is at the end of this post!

The alphabet cards feature that timeless painted dot pattern and are available in cursive and manuscript. AND the vertical daisy garland has me swooning!

On the window wall of the classroom {hello inspiring natural light} we created a fun space for the writing center, and I really love how it turned out.

The bar stools are from Ikea and we incorporated those cute cans wrapped in the coordinating paper! We inserted floral foam into the cans so the beautiful coral florals and those ever-so-darling Bee Word Wall letters would stay put. The word wall is from the Busy Bees collection and added a delightful ounce of happy and yellow!

Daisy cut-outs just sing joy and I love the dimension of the varying sizes. The daisies were enlarged at Staples on blueprint paper, and when we added them to the walls, I melted. On the space above the windows we added a black background with bulletin board paper and it really made the cut-outs pop!

The infamous coordinating classroom pillows – I adore! To create these beauties, we used the coordinating papers from the OOPS-A-DAISY collection, and uploaded them to to make our own customized pillows delivered to our doorstep! The storage bench, from Ikea, paired with the darling pillows, made the sweetest little nook in the classroom library!

In every room I do, I add an amazing work bulletin board – having this space is so important for the classroom community and environment. Here we hot glued the clothespins to the board and we used the Painted Dot {Amazing Work Coming Soon} PDF, as place holders until student work can be displayed.

FYI – I am in love with that painted dot pattern! The Amazing Work Display file in the OOPS-A-DAISY collection comes with 21 different display designs and options!

The large wall letters are just the best, and immediately set the tone for the classroom vibe! The “Oh Happy Day!” letters set an ambiance of “we have fun learning in this classroom”, and as a teacher of 20 years, that makes my heart go pitter-patter!

We added the Always Wear Your Invisible Crown Jelly Totes for additional storage and organization. I like to “dress-up” the totes with coordinating ribbon, which really seems to add the perfect finishing touch!

For this makeover we used the daisy and gingham patterned nameplates. My feelings about gingham, are like those I feel about painted dots – LOVE. The digital file of the OOPS-A-DAISY Nameplates comes with four different designs and styles, so you can totally mix ‘n match throughout the room.

Round two of wall letters for this classroom, and I am totally here for it! The “You Will Always Bee-Long Here” letters make me a little weepy. Classrooms are such sacred and safe places for students, and I love that these letters come right alongside teachers in helping to create a space that feels like home.

Everything about this collection and makeover makes me smile! It’s the perfect balance of polka dots and daisies, and those pops of gorgeous coral, green and yellow give me all-the-heart-eyes!

As I put the pieces together for this makeover, I thought of all the aspects and details that have come together to make my journey of Schoolgirl Style an unforgettable adventure. And you, my sweet friends, have followed along with me on this journey, and have been my biggest cheerleaders. Because of you, I get to keep finding joy in chasing my dreams and I am forever changed. So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Custom coral paint color below!

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