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Midnight Orchid and Tickle Me Pink Paisley

Paisley Inspiration:  First of all, there is nothing that I love more than a pretty paisley pattern (well, maybe polka dots), but paisley comes in a very close second.  The inspiration for this collection was simple…I love the combination of purple, turquoise, lime, and black.  I knew that this trendy color combo had to include […]


purple paisley collage

Paisley Inspiration:  First of all, there is nothing that I love more than a pretty paisley pattern (well, maybe polka dots), but paisley comes in a very close second.  The inspiration for this collection was simple…I love the combination of purple, turquoise, lime, and black.  I knew that this trendy color combo had to include some super trendy patterns, so, naturally, I chose paisley, polka dots, stripes, and chevron.  The end result was just beautiful!

I love the purple collection, but I also decided to create this collection in pink.

The story behind the pink collection:  For those of you that have followed me for a while, you know that I flew to Oklahoma to help Karen Marinelli decorate her classroom.

To read the post about Karen, click HERE  (By the way, every teacher should read this story.  I still bawl my eyes out every time I look at this post.)

Karen asked for my Chevron Chic Collection in black.  She also requested that I add hot pink, turquoise, and lime green.  This was the end result…

karen marinelli room by schoolgirl style

I couldn’t believe the response that this particular room had!  People were LOVING this color combination and wanting to recreate this space in their own classrooms.  I have to admit, I really loved it too!  I decided that I needed to create a collection with these same colors and give my followers a complete theme.  While I was working on the Midnight Orchid collection, I had an idea to try it with pink instead of the purple.  When my graphic designer sent me the proofs of our new Tickle Me Pink Paisley, I fell in love!  This was the PERFECT complete collection to recreate this space…but with more printables, more options, and more items that you will need for your classroom design.

I’m truly torn with these two collections…I adore both color combinations!  I can’t wait for you to see them and let me know what you think!

Enjoy the tour!


 As you begin the tour,  notice the two ways I created the Midnight Orchid collection!  On one side, I used only purple, black, and turquoise.  On the other side of the room, I used purple, black, turquoise AND lime green.  You can decide which way you would like to decorate your own classroom.  This is the BEST part about printable decor…you can eliminate any colors or patterns that you don’t care for to create your own custom theme.


 Each new SGS collection comes with an alphabet line.  Use it like I did OR create your own custom banners for your classroom !  Also, we now sell clothespins in the SGS Shop…we even have glitter ones!  Use our pretty clothespins to hang banners and student work.


I love adding cute fringe tassels between my pennants.  Just purchase some coordinating ribbon, tie around the banner line, and trim the edges.  The little details make all the difference!


I’ve actually used four different types of layered borders in this collection.  I used a solid, stripe, and a polka dot.  Make sure that when you are layering borders, alternate patterns.  For example, don’t put a polka dot border with another polka dot border.  You can use a solid with the polka dot OR a stripe with a polka dot OR even a chevron with a polka dot.


Here are our new tassel banners!  You can find these in the SGS Shop!  Such a cute way to add some flair to your classroom!  Use over windows or drape along the front of your desk for a pretty accent.


I discovered doubling paper daisies this year.  You’ll notice that I used this application in several of my pictures.  I just love how it brings texture and color into your room.  Make sure you cut off the string though…sadly, I completely missed this and noticed my mistake after I received my pictures.  Ugh.


Our new “Wavy Totes” look fanstastic in this room.  Our fancy labels add a cute touch to these bins.  We created the labels to fit perfectly on each tote.  I use a dab of hot glue to keep the label from falling off.  The hot glue easily peels off and it doesn’t harm your tote.


Most of the items in our collections are editable.  We’ve added Power Point files to each collection, so it makes editing your SGS collections super easy!

This font is called “Thirst Script.”



Each collection comes with binder covers, a stationary set, and pretty prints for your desk.




We’ve also added multipurpose baskets to the SGS Shop.  Stop by and check out all of the different colors that we have available!


Coordinating paper is included when you purchase any SGS collection.  I used my paper to cover a can, then added a little bouquet of purple flowers for a cute touch!


We have such a huge selection of lanterns, both solid and patterned.  I love adding lanterns over student tables or your teacher desk for an added pop of color!


Add an editable table sign to a paper daisy and hang it over your student tables…


The black clothespin set looks great with this theme!


The purple rug comes from Target.




Use pennants to dress up your whiteboards or windows!


Coordinating caddies can also be purchased in our shop.  Right after this photo shoot, or supplier contacted me and said they made black caddies!  YAY!!!  I now have a shop filled with our new caddies that will be listed shortly!



Our new 2015 collections all come with calendar sets!  Each set has a calendar grid, calendar numbers and special occasion pieces, bulletin board accents, Days of the Week poster, and 12 month headers.  I saved the calendar file to a thumb drive, took it to Staples and had them print each piece out on an 18 x24 sheet of paper.  Laminate for durability, then use Velcro to attach each piece to your calendar.




and now for the next collection…


pink paisley collage by schoolgirl style

I love how cute this double daisy turned out!




More tassel banners in a different color combo…


Our Days of the Week poster…


 My stationary set comes with notecards, coordinating stationary paper, labels, and prints for your desk or walls….


The black and white rug is from Ikea…


Caddies and lanterns can be found in the SGS Shop!


 One of my favorite parts of the collections are these super cute paisley cutouts!  Use them in different areas of your room to bring your theme together! They come in a large, medium, and small size for different applications throughout your classroom.


I adore the calendar that goes with the collection!  Look at all of the pretty patterns on each piece!  From the calendar headers, to each number circle, every piece in this set is to die for!


 Bulletin board paper can also be purchased in the SGS Shop.  I only like to use fadeless paper…it is much thicker than the rolls your district buys for you AND the colors are so much more vibrant!




This collection also comes with a Learning Target chart.  I purchased the Common Core standards from Joann Fabrics and stapled them next to each subject header.






The paisley cutouts come in several different sizes…




Check out these patterns!  If you are anything like me, you are drooling right now!  SOOOO pretty@


The white chair came from Land of Nod, the pillow is from Etsy, and the desk is from Pottery Barn Teen.



2015-04-10_0048 2015-04-10_0049


2015-04-10_0050 2015-04-10_0051

 April, from A Modern Teacher created the most beautiful planner to coordinate with this collection.  I’ve looked at the pages, and believe me, it is gorgeous!  We are now selling April’s planners in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.  To check them out, click HERE

A Modern Teacher Purple Paisley Planner

A Modern Teacher Pink Paisley Binders

To learn more about April’s planners, click on the video below…


Photos courtesty of E.C. Campbell Photography in Clarkston, Michigan


 Anna Rello Photo in Waterford, Michigan

Would you like to win the the entire Midnight Orchid Paisley or Tickle Me Pink Paisley Collection?  This is a seriously AWESOME giveaway, so make sure to enter!

You could win:

1.  The paisley (you choose the color) digital collection from Schoolgirl Style

2.  A roll of coordinating paper from Pacon

3.  2 rolls of Bordette from Pacon

4.  Six poms/lanterns of your choice from Schoolgirl Style

5.  The paisley coordinating planner from A Modern Teacher

6.  A pack of binder clips, clothespins, a pointer, and two packs of coordinating border from Teacher Created Resources

To enter, follow the directions on the Rafflecopter below! Winners will be announced on April 25rd!  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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