Sat Apr 29 2017
Just Teach & Perfect Pets

Thanks for stopping by!  It’s been the craziest week EVER!  We’ve been down for several days due to an unbelievable amount of traffic going to the site. Although “breaking the internet” is probably a good problem to have, however, it is also super frustrating to have everything stop so abruptly!  When you are dealing with […]

Thanks for stopping by!  It’s been the craziest week EVER!  We’ve been down for several days due to an unbelievable amount of traffic going to the site. Although “breaking the internet” is probably a good problem to have, however, it is also super frustrating to have everything stop so abruptly!  When you are dealing with technology, you truly feel helpless.  Things are still not perfect on our end and we have several items that still need to be repaired, but at least I’m finally up and running long enough to get this blog post out!  As I’m writing, I am very hesitant that I can even get this out to all of you today.  I’ve been in the middle of this post so many times, and the site will go down again.  Grrrrr!!!!

I’ve decided to combine two new collections to try and finish the reveal up as quickly as possible.  I am so sorry to keep all of you waiting this long!

Introducing…PERFECT PETS!

The Perfect Pet Collection was created to coordinate with your existing decor.  This is not a full collection, just a set of adorable cut-outs to enhance an existing collection or add to a brand new collection.  These adorable pets are perfect to add to bulletin boards, create a door display, feature student work, or you can enlarge the cut-outs to a poster size (at a local print shop) to really make a statement in your space!  They are the absolute cutest way to add some fun to your classroom!

We created a neutral pack of pets to coordinate with any decor theme!

These cuties were created in bright rainbow colors and adorned with darling little accessories to show off their flair for fashion!

…and of course, we have our fun PARTY ANIMALS from our Confetti Crush Collection!  These little guys are ready to bring a celebration to your classroom!  Seriously, how cute are these?!?  I can tell you from experience, kids (and even adults) LOVE them!  I don’t know about you, but each and every one of them make me smile.  I love how they all seem to have different personalities!

Finally, our last new product for 2017 is our JUST TEACH packs!

I touched on my “Just Teach” Collection briefly when I revealed my Confetti Crush classroom.  Basically, “Just Teach” was created because of the feedback I’ve received from YOU!  Many teachers expressed the need for shape posters, behavior charts, supply labels, library labels, etc. to match their classroom decor collection.

This all made sense, however, I also received many emails from upper elementary, middle school, and high school teachers telling me that they didn’t need these types of items included in the full collections.


I made the decision to create a separate collection filled with every item a teacher would need to manage, organize, and make teaching easier in one simple package.  Additionally, I am selling each item individually so you can pick and choose products depending on your need and grade level.

This is a sample of everything you are getting when you purchase the entire JUST TEACH – RAINBOW PACK.  The rainbow pack coordinates with my Confetti Crush theme.

We are currently working on creating a JUST TEACH pack in both neon and tropical colors to coordinate with all of our new 2017 collections!  These will be listed in the shop VERY soon!

Here is a sample of everything included in our JUST TEACH packs…

Photo Cards…

The photo cards come in two sizes (large and small).  I use the small size for my student’s first day picture.  These cards are in Power Point, so it will be simple for you to insert pictures of your students for an adorable way to display in your classroom!  My photo cards were used for center rotations, center games (name recognition, magnets, syllable counting, phonemic awareness, counting letters, etc.), and I also used a set of cards with their pictures for the Word Wall (Jillian’s name and picture was under the “Jj”, etc.).

The large cards were used for their self-portrait.  You can also insert a picture through Power Point to create large photo displays.

The Calendar Area…

The JUST TEACH pack includes every item in this picture.  I used the PRINT SHOP Calendar ( you will need to have it enlarged at a local print shop – I had each page is enlarged to an 18 x 24). *Please note – there are other printing options for the calendar.  There is a HOME PRINTER version and a POCKET CHART version (these are more cost effective).  My calendar area also has a weather graph, an area for tally marks, a hundreds chart, days of the week chart, months of the year, and a seasons chart.

The alphabet cards were created with corresponding pictures that coordinate with the “Steps to Literacy” alphabet.  I use “Steps to Literacy” alphabet lap cards, an alphabet chart, and individual alphabet cards for my phonics instruction and Writing Workshop. Alphabet consistency is so important in the younger grades, so it was imperative that my cards matched the other instructional tools in my classroom.

My nameplates also match the alphabet cards and include the same pictures to coordinate with all of the other pieces in the collection.  *These are also included in the Just Teach pack!

The Word Wall pack features a color-coded system.  My Word Wall training emphasized that the Word Wall words should be color coded for easy recognition.  I have always created my own Word Wall with this format.  As a teacher, it is so much easier to help a child find a word by directing them to a specific color.  For example, if a student needed to find the word “get” on the Word Wall, I would tell them to look on the red list, or if they needed to find the word “have,” they would go to the pink list, etc.  I also have my students practice reading the Word Wall by using a pointer to read all of the “yellow” words or all of the “red” words, etc.  I find that this system is so much more effective than just putting a bunch of words on a board.

Words in the pack include: a, and, away, all, am, are, at, ate, about, after, again, an, any, as, ask, always, around, big, blue, be, black, brown, but, by, because, been, before, best, both, buy, better, bring, can, come, came, could, call, cold, carry, clean, cut, down, did, do, does, don’t, done, draw, drink, eat, every, eight, find, for, funny, four, fly, from, fast, first, five, found, fall, for, full, go, get, good, give, going, gave, goes, green, got, grow, help, here, have, he, had, has her, him, his, how, hold, hurt, I, in, is, it, into, its, if, jump, just, know, keep, kind, little, look, like, let, live, laugh, light, long, make, me, my, must, may, made, many, much, myself, not, new, no, now, never, one, on, our, out, orange, of, old, once, open, over, off, or, only, own, play, please, pretty, purple, pink, put, pull, pick, red, run, ran, ride, round, read, right, said, see, saw, say, she, so, soon, some, stop, sing, sit, sleep, seven, shall, show, six, small, start, ten, their, tell, these, those, today, together, try, the, three, to, two, that, there, they, this, too, take, thank, them, then, think, up, under, upon, us, use, very, we, where, want, was, well, went, warm, white, who, will, with, walk, were, when, wish, work, which, would, why, write, wish, yellow, you, yes, your.

I’m also including a list of word/picture cards for holidays and seasons.  These are perfect for Word Walls and Writing Centers!

I am super excited about this one…Schoolgirl Style now offers coordinating Library Labels!

These labels were sized to fit perfectly on your book bins and have some AMAZING graphics!  I am SO proud of this new product!

You will receive 170+ different classroom library labels and editable blank labels in coordinating colors.   Just print and cut out!
Labels include: cats, owls, pets, penguins, frogs, dinosaurs, woodland animals, amphibians, bats, forest animals, polar bears, farm, animals, birds, snakes, sharks, reptiles, pumpkin, gingerbread, apples, 100th day, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December,  Thanksgiving, Halloween, Winter, school, Fall, St. Patrick’s Day, Santa, Easter, Spring, Christmas, MLK, Earth Day, Summer, Groundhog Day, Constitution Day, Black History, Math, Favorite Authors, ocean, insects, shapes, plants and flowers, spiders, colors, butterflies, transportation, science, tree books, USA, Essay, weather, careers, family, Christian, Space, Community Helpers, Poetry, Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Myth, Human Body, states, presidents, rain forest, riddles, informational books, easy readers, award winning books, countries, fiction, Listening Center, Character Education, non-fiction, rhyming, realistic fiction, biographies, diaries, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Scary Fantasy Fiction, mixed-up fairy tales, Historical Fiction, alphabet, The World, decodable readers, phonics readers, people, sight word readers, feelings, Tall Tales, folklore, fable, tragedy, autobiographies, dictionaries, journals, geography, encyclopedias, spirituality, history, guide, new age, self-help, drama, satire, anthology, experimental fiction, young adult fiction, suspense, series, children Barbie, Mercer Mayer, cars and trucks, jobs, Comic Books, magazines, Scooby Doo, Teacher Favorites, Bible stories, read alouds, horror, war, short stories, classics, joke books, adventure, just right books, big books, romance, mystery, novels, chapter books, hardcover, Star Wars, sports, gross books, songs, love stories, funny books, travel, cookbooks, princess, Legos, zoo movies, cars, farm, superheroes, I Spy.
Many labels were also created to use throughout a variety of grade levels.  You will find labels that can be used from Preschool all the way up to the high school level.
Another classroom must-have….center cards!  I’ve included everything you will need to run an effective center routine in your classroom!
Center Cards include:  Dramatic Play, light table, dollhouse, fine motor, sensory, handwriting, spelling, music, blocks, art, poetry, games, puzzles, phonics, Word Work, Write Around the Room, Read Around the Room, ABC center, Science, Math, Writing, magnets, storytelling, puppets, Chromebook, Ipad, computer, buddy reading, independent reading, reading center, Listening Center, Big Books, pocket chart
Shape posters and number cards are also included!  The number cards also display tally marks and the number word.
 Crayon colors….
Finally, Math Supply labels were created as well.  If you look at the picture above, they were suppose to be on the clear, plastic tubs with my Math manipulatives inside.  Unfortunately, they weren’t ready in time for the photo shoot, however, they are included in the pack.
Labels include:  number magnets, numbers, cubes, links, patterning, number lines, cards, rulers, pattern blocks, Geo Blocks, money, clocks, 2-color counters, chips, ten frames, 3D shapes, Base 10 Blocks, spinners, calculators, building toys, tangrams, attribute blocks, sorting, dice, dominoes, timers, unifix cubes, number sense, geoboards, teddy bear counters, and shapes.
There are SO many more products included in this pack!  Just Teach has every item imaginable to maximize classroom management, procedures, and routines to optimize student learning.
Again, look for more Just Teach packs in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.  Every new collection will now have a HUGE selection of coordinating products to choose from!
Head over to the Schoolgirl Style Shop to see all of our new designs and to shop all of our new 2017 products!








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