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Good Vibes Collection

I am rounding out this magical back-to-school season with an ever so delightful highlight of this season’s diamond – The Good Vibes collection. This gem was showcased in the Good Vibes Classroom Transformation for Megan – let’s take a peek! Clearly, I loved having my graphic designers with me for the makeovers this season because […]

I am rounding out this magical back-to-school season with an ever so delightful highlight of this season’s diamond – The Good Vibes collection. This gem was showcased in the Good Vibes Classroom Transformation for Megan – let’s take a peek!

Wide angle shot of the beautiful retro, vintage rainbow mural added such a statement!
The beautiful rainbow mural added such a statement!

Clearly, I loved having my graphic designers with me for the makeovers this season because they just add so much magic with the murals I ask them to create! Here’s a fun video on this rainbow glory! {coming soon: a shopping guide for YOU with details like the paint colors of the rainbow mural!}

Valances will always “cozy-up” those windows by adding definition and warmth. To do this I use butcher paper or bulletin board paper, adjustable curtain rod(s) and a stapler. First cut the butcher paper to about 4 feet (you want it double the length of the valance you are wanting to create), then you will fold the paper over the curtain rod and staple end-to-end (you will want to adjust the curtain rod to the length of the window before adding the paper). Then add the pop of fun, like a row of border, or in this scenario I used the pom cut-outs.

I spy a giant smilie hanging from the ceiling {in the above picture}! This is the first collection in which we produced a new product category called UCUT. Within this category we created Statement Pieces, which enable teachers to get those big, beautiful cut-outs {or wall art} for a fraction of the cost (I am GIDDY about these products!). You can read more about all the product categories we offer here!

Beautiful retro tassel and rainbow cut-outs, and the inspiring phrase "Chin Up Buttercup" are sprinkled throughout the room!
Beautiful cut-outs and inspiring phrases sprinkled throughout!

I love the variety in the cut-outs of this collection. The tassels and poms have unique details that draw whimsey into a space, and the smilie faces and retro rainbows add bits of playful fun!

Chin Up, Buttercup” is an inspirational classroom headline sure to make students smile! Headlines easily create a beautiful focal points in your room and are perfect for filling space that would otherwise be empty!

In this room, we used the Dancing Daisies Rug in the library nook to ground the space! This beauty is the essence of calm with the beautiful aqua background and dreamy daisies {she just might be one of my top favs}!

Schoolgirl Style Coral Fancy fans hug the corners of bulletin boards so perfectly with the retro rainbow statement piece sitting on the top of the bulletin board. A snippet of the Schoolgirl Style Dancing Daisies Area Rug is shown in the adjacent image.
Fancy fans hug the corners of bulletin boards so perfectly!

Another beautiful statement piece in the Good Vibes Collection: the Retro Rainbow Statement Piece. These pieces are oh-so-perfect for filling spaces in the most intentional and beautiful way – especially that lonely space between the bulletin boards and ceiling!

Fancy Fans and cut-outs pair together like PB&J, and are the perfect BFF’s to those drafty corners of bulletin boards! This particular combo of the Coral Sugar Fancy Fans and the smilie cut-outs has me swooning!

Wide Landscape image of the front of the room highlighting the whole group meeting area on the Good Vibes Smilies Criss Cross Rug.
The UPRINT pieces in this collections are GOLD!

A very big part of our collections is the UPRINT product category {you can read more about this category here}, and we love it because it enables us to add SO MUCH delight to each collection. PLUS, we are always adding and updating, so when you purchase a Full UPRINT Collection, you automatically get a new download link every time we add more goodness!

The alphabet cards and the number cards pictured above are examples of the UPRINT pieces we produce. But for the Good Vibes UPRINT product line, we worked REALLY hard to give teachers what they were wanting! From our NEW Sound Wall to Classroom Slides, to Skip Counting Posters and Lesson Plan Templates, we are here to support teachers in their decor and classroom needs!

The Wicker Egg Chair is the coziest teacher perch in all the land and the Good Vibes Pillows add a touch of comfy.
The most perfect teacher perch – the Wicker Egg Chair!

Enter: the Wicker Egg Chair – the coziest teacher perch in all the land + the Good Vibes Pillows = your classroom gatherings are sure to be a whole lot more comfy!

I am a firm believer in adding pops of happy pillows to your classroom – a little gift of comfy and cozy to your student’s learning space! The Good Vibes Collection has quite a few coordinating pillow covers: Cool to be Kind, Hugs and Kisses and Stay Golden in Fields of Flowers! The pillow cases are double-sided, with different, yet coordinating prints on either side! {Dimensions are 18″x18″}

The Good Vibes Calendar set is a perfect neutral palette with pops of retro rainbows and smilies.
The Good Vibes Calendar set is a perfect neutral for classroom meetings!

I absolutely adore our calendar sets because they are not only beautiful, but so purposeful! The calendar set from the Good Vibes Collection is the perfect vintage tones with the most perfect retro rainbows! Keep circle-time (and yourself) organized with all-things dates, seasons, weather and schedules!

Peep that gorgeous Floral Statement Piece?! I love how it “hugs” and frames a space! And don’t forget the sweetest little Happy Birthday Poster to celebrate all the little loves in your classroom! {If you are looking for a classroom birthday bulletin board set, we made one for YOU! Click here!}

Good Vibes border combination including: Sunflower Frame border, Bubbly Rose frame border, Fields of Flowers Frame Border. The UPRINT alphabet cards line the top of the image, with a snippet of the Good Vibes Smilies Crisscross applesauce in the adjacent image.
The border combinations for the Good Vibes Collection are simply eye-candy!

Oh my goodness, was this criss-cross applesauce rug popular this year! The color palette of the Good Vibes & Smiley Faces Rug is simple yet stunning, and the smilie faces instantly give happy vibes for students as they gather on this rug!

Let’s take a moment for borders! For the Good Vibes Collection we created FIVE border designs and they truly can mix n’ match like the BFF’s they are! The Beach House Frame Border – brings in those perfect aqua tones. The Retro Rainbow Frame Border – adds those groovy vibes. The Fields of Flowers Frame Border – gives us the sophisticated print we all need in our lives. The Bubbly Rosè Frame Border – adds a pop of dainty fun. AND forget not The Sunflower Frame Border – who surprisingly brings all the border friends together!

Good Vibes "Positivity is so Powerful" door decor with welcome set above the door adhered to Schoolgirl Style Pearl Fancy Fans. Certwood Classroom mailboxes are also pictured.
“Positivity is so Powerful” is the perfect door decor as students enter the classroom!

Door decor for the win again, truly making a normally drab space very happy! “Positivity is so Powerful” sets such a beautiful tone for your students as they enter your room + the font is just dreamy!

The Welcome Bulletin Board Set is another UPRINT darling featuring those cute pom cut-outs! And the combo of this set with the Pearl Fancy Fans is pure perfection filling the space above the door!

Wide landscape image of writing center, small group reading table. Good Vibes pieces throughout including: the Retro Rainbow Rug, Good Vibes Posters framed, Boho tassels, enlarged groovy glasses cut-out, and lanterns hanging from the ceiling.
Peep that fun and happy Retro Rainbow Rug!

The double rainbow of the Retro Rainbow Rug is everything! And the muted tones are soothing, making it easy to integrate into a classroom!

Decor Tip: We adore white furniture, BUT this classroom transformation called for pops of golden goodness! We used Rustoleum Imagine Metallic Gold Spray Paint on these stools and the writing nook became pure perfection!

Okay friends – scroll up , pause, and turn your eyes to the top right corner of the image – peep the sweetest group of friends!? The glasses were in enlarged from our XL cut-outs – a DIY statement piece. And the rose-gold skates and disco ball – the bonus pair that needed to be in this room.

The Good Vibes posters are framed to create wall art with a pop of retro, vintage plumes.
Framed posters create such beautiful and classy wall art!

The “Radiate Positivity“, “Cool to be Kind“, and “Love Yourself” posters in this collection are like gold. When you hit a wall of “I don’t know what to do?!” in decorating your room, you can always rely on posters to fill a space or give some inspiration! I love framing posters because it adds such a classy sophistication!

And though not sold on our store, I love adding pops of “extra” to a room with a fancy clock, coordinating lamps and beautiful florals! Details are everything.

Good Vibes "Choose Happy" inspirational classroom headline is featured with a collage of the Schoolgirl Style Coral Sugar fancy Fans.
Amazing work displays are such a sweet spot within the classroom!

Our “Choose Happy” Inspirational Classroom Headline was the first headline we produced as a UCUT! I love the gorgeous, retro font, paired with the classic smilies and stunning rainbows!

Another DARLING Amazing Work Display, or in this case, Groovy Work Display – These bulletin boards always have a special place in my teacher heart. I adore this color palette so much, and adding the smilie face cut-outs to the clothesline clip, brings in those retro vibes! Curious as to how we create our amazing work displays? Check out this video!

Wide landscape picture of the classroom with the white student desks, the teacher desk. Coordinating lanterns are hung from the ceiling and the Amazing work display is in the background.
Finishing touches with beautiful coordinating lanterns!

Lanterns are forever one of my favorite finishing touches to a classroom! The combo we love for the Good Vibes Collection is: The Perfect Shade of BrownPeach BlossomBeach HouseIced Cold Rosé, and Marshmallow White!

Retro smilies and boho rainbow cut-outs in the classroom caddy are pictured.
Classroom caddies support classroom management!

You can find these DARLING classroom caddies on the Schoolgirl Style Store! Add pops of happiness with the Good Vibes Cutouts and your theme is sprinkled throughout your room effortlessly! {HOW TO: We use tin cans wrapped in coordinating border or paper, floral styrofoam, hot glue and wooden skewers to create these centerpieces!}

The front of the white teacher desk is pictured with the Good Vibes collage kit collaged on the front.
Making your teacher desk a home-away-from-home is so important!

A really fun UPRINT piece we added to this collection is the Collage Kit! The file includes 65 stunning pages, each with it’s own design – the sky’s the limit implementing these beauties into your classroom decor! Create a beautiful focal point, piece together to create wallpaper, or pick and choose your favorites to build a collage. 

The teacher desk is pictured with the Good Vibes "Kindness is Golden" desk mat, a pretty lamp, another dahlia, candle, and a gold stapler and tape dispenser. Next to is a row of binders.
Beautiful is in the details!

Positivity is powerful and organization is key – Give your teacher desk the gift of a beautiful desk mat! Spaces are provided for your “to do” list, as well as, a space for “top priorities” and “for tomorrow”. Laminate or cover with a plastic cover to use year after year!  

The collage kit for the win again! Here we used strips of paper to collage and create a unique design in the spines of the binders! So truly, the collage kit can be used in so many ways!

Teacher tool box painted gold wit storage for all the small tools teachers need like staples, tape, stickie tack etc. Next to the toolbox is a beautiful artificial cream colored dahlia.
Teacher tool box for the win!

The Good Vibes Toolbox Labels are perfect for organizing ALL those tiny, yet crucial tools needed to make a classroom thrive! I designed the labels to fit this toolbox! To vibe with our theme, I opted to spray paint the toolbox gold – it did not disappoint!

This season we added cart labels to all our UPRINT collections and I just love them! Perfect for organizing ALL those copies and plans you coordinate as a teacher. Our cart labels are sized to match this rolling cart.

Affirmation station with retro smilies for each affirmation. The smilies are attached to a standing mirror. The palette is neutral rainbow.
Affirmation station giving all the feels as the groovy smiles smile back at you!

And the darling and sweet Affirmation Station giving all the feels – especially with the groovy smiles smiling back at you. I adore the spaces these stations create within a classroom, working to speak all the love and encouragement over students.

And, as it is known, we love door toppers here at SGS, and the “Have a Good Day” Door Topper takes farewells and well-wishing to a whole new level! Enlarging instructions are included with the purchase of this piece of happiness.

"Kindness is Golden" in vintage, retro font is the perfect inspirational classroom headline for a bulletin board.
Kindness is Golden in vintage font!

And here we are, skating to the finish line of the Good Vibes Collection showcase, ending with the “Kindness is Golden” Statement Piece! Just the sweetest reminder, in the grooviest font and colors, that kindness is worth its weight in gold!

This collection means so many things to me, so I hope you love it too! And if golden sunbeams, warm corals, cool aquas, groovy smiles and retro rainbows speak your love language, jump into your roller skates and usher a world of vintage perfection into your classroom, with the goodness of our Good Vibes Collection



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