Labor Day SALE 25%off EVERYTHING


Do you need some last minute decor?  Well, this is YOUR weekend to snag some of your favorite Schoolgirl Style products at a discount! EVERYTHING in my shop is 25% off starting NOW! Use coupon code at checkout: Back2School2014  Pick up some extra lanterns for that area that you didn’t have time to decorate OR […]

Teacher Style Giveaway 2014


Summer is winding down and it’s THAT time of year…BACK TO SCHOOL!  I’m sure all of you are working like CRAZY to prepare for your next group of kiddos!  I can remember feeling so overwhelmed right about now.   I don’t think people realize how hard teachers work to prepare for the upcoming school year! […]



I am so excited to introduce my new amazing product… BUILD-A-BANNER! I love a good banner.  I think banners scream FESTIVE, HAPPY, FUN….it just welcomes you to any kind of space or function.  It fills empty spaces and can bring color and pizzazz into any environment! Pennants are perfect for the classroom!  Use it on […]

Sprinkle Teaching Magic Interview

When Sheila from Sprinkle Teaching Magic asked to interview me, I was really excited!  I love Sheila’s blog and her super happy, bubbly personality AND I really love her blogger video series!  I was so honored that she asked me to do this. When I heard Sheila released the video, my heart dropped…I was terrified that I […]

Multicultural Superhero Cut-Outs

Superhero blog

After numerous requests, I’ve created a new multicultural SUPERHERO cut-out package! Before I get into the details, I wanted to explain my thinking… If you are familiar with my designs, you know that I love bold, sophisticated designs.  This particular collection exudes color and bold patterns!  I wanted to keep the clip art to a […]

Schoolgirl Style Video


I am so excited to share my new Schoolgirl Style video!   Thank you Mayberry Media (Flint, Michigan) for creating such an amazing commercial for Schoolgirl Style! Have you seen it yet?  If not, click on the video below and let me know what you think! Have a fantastic weekend! ~Melanie School Girl Style Promo from […]

Ask Melanie – Should I use the color pink in my classroom?


Pink in classroom…GASP!!!! I am so so so excited to answer this question…finally.   We all have different tastes and personal styles…this makes our world so wonderful, right?  But create a classroom with pink and all of a sudden, the claws come out!  Pink can make some people downright ANGRY.   For the most part, I get […]

Ask Melanie – Color suggestions


QUESTION: Michelle Greenberg,  7th grade Science “I would love to purchase chevron borders and accessories for my new classroom, but I don’t know which color to choose.  I’m moving up to middle school after years at the elementary level, and my new room is depressing.  The walls are a grayish purple, there are no windows,  […]