Schoolgirl Style Video


I am so excited to share my new Schoolgirl Style video!   Thank you Mayberry Media (Flint, Michigan) for creating such an amazing commercial for Schoolgirl Style! Have you seen it yet?  If not, click on the video below and let me know what you think! Have a fantastic weekend! ~Melanie School Girl Style Promo from […]

Ask Melanie – Should I use the color pink in my classroom?


Pink in classroom…GASP!!!! I am so so so excited to answer this question…finally.   We all have different tastes and personal styles…this makes our world so wonderful, right?  But create a classroom with pink and all of a sudden, the claws come out!  Pink can make some people downright ANGRY.   For the most part, I get […]

Ask Melanie – Color suggestions


QUESTION: Michelle Greenberg,  7th grade Science “I would love to purchase chevron borders and accessories for my new classroom, but I don’t know which color to choose.  I’m moving up to middle school after years at the elementary level, and my new room is depressing.  The walls are a grayish purple, there are no windows,  […]

Ask Melanie – Decorating on a budget


QUESTION: “I am a second year teacher.  I will be teaching 3rd grade Math and I want to have a plan for my decor next year. I have your “Learn Colorfully” collection. Besides the bulletin boards being coordinated what are the most important things I should focus on to make a big impact on a […]

Ask Melanie – High School and Middle School Decorating

QUESTION: “I will be a first year high school teacher, and although I want the classroom to be fun and inviting, I don’t want it to be too “kiddy” or overbearing. If you have any recommendations for me, I would greatly appreciate it. All of your collections are gorgeous!”  ANSWER: First of all, thank goodness […]

New Products


I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect products to add to my Schoolgirl Style Shop.  I’ve found some great items that will coordinate perfectly with several of my classroom themes! Black & white chevron and polka dot lanterns!  I am “over the moon” excited about these pretty lanterns!  They will look perfect with […]

I HEART School Inspiration Boards

black and white classroom theme decor by Schoolgirl Style

I HEART SCHOOL is one of my favorite classroom collections!  I adore the classic patterns and it’s simple design.  It is truly one of the most versatile collections that I’ve every created.  You can dress it up, pair it with your favorite color, or just leave it “as is” for a beautiful, modern design! When […]

County Fair Classroom Theme


I get so many emails from sweet teachers asking me to give them a classroom makeover.  I wish I could travel all over this country and help people with this overwhelming task!  Truth is, it’s very difficult to travel with all of my “stuff” to decorate.  I’ve done it before and it’s the hardest thing […]

Turquoise, Black, & Gray Classroom Theme


I created my new collection after so many of you went CRAZY over my Organization In Style photos.  Remember this? To read about my Organization In Style collection click HERE! I had people emailing me left and right asking me to create something with this color combination.  So, I decided to use similar backgrounds from […]