Varsity Prep

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Varsity Prep Inspiration:  This is my husband’s office.  He is a principal at a Catholic school in my hometown.  Our story is a long one, however, the inspiration for this room…not so much. He loves sports.  Period.  I was hoping he would do something fun and crazy, but that’s not his personality.  While we were […]



Flamingo Inspiration:  I’ve had this theme in my head for years.  I LOVE everything and anything FLAMINGO.  The pretty pink bird has become a fashion icon in clothing and decorating for years.  Wanting to offer something different (and fashionable) in classroom decor, I knew that I had to create the most gorgoeus flamingo collection for […]

Monster Mania


MONSTER INSPIRATION:  I’ve had a monster themed classroom in my head for some time now.  To be honest, I could see this being appropriate for every single grade level.  Monsters are silly and just plain FUN!  I can picture “monster building” as a great team project, then displaying them around the room to decorate your […]

County Fair Classroom Theme


I get so many emails from sweet teachers asking me to give them a classroom makeover.  I wish I could travel all over this country and help people with this overwhelming task!  Truth is, it’s very difficult to travel with all of my “stuff” to decorate.  I’ve done it before and it’s the hardest thing […]

Paisley Pop Classroom Theme


This could be the year for paisley!  I introduced my navy and green paisley last week, now I’ve created two MORE sets with this pretty pattern!  I wanted to give you CHOICES, so I created a PINK collection and a BLUE collection! I’ve decided to start my photo tour with the PINK collection… HERE WE […]

Turquoise, Black, & Gray Classroom Theme


I created my new collection after so many of you went CRAZY over my Organization In Style photos.  Remember this? To read about my Organization In Style collection click HERE! I had people emailing me left and right asking me to create something with this color combination.  So, I decided to use similar backgrounds from […]

Bug Classroom Theme


I really tried to create collections with EVERYONE  in mind and this time, I really wanted something amazing for younger children!  This particular collection, I envisioned daycares, preschools, and K-3 teachers loving this theme for their classrooms because it could match their existing furniture.  Schools often purchase primary colored EVERYTHING for all of the younger […]

Modern Apple: Black + Red Classroom Theme


This is another hugely requested color combo, but you’ll never guess what I did???  I added GRAY!!!  I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you by now.  I’m calling this “Modern Apple,” mainly because I love a classic red apple theme, however, instead of your traditional red + green, I thought it would be absolutely stunning with […]

Owl & Bird Classroom Theme


I know you are probably saying, “Melanie… you already have an Owl and a Bird theme collection!”  Well, if you know me, my decorating ideas change on a whim…and this was one of them.  I created those rooms almost three years ago and my style has since changed.  Don’t get me wrong, I still really […]

Superhero Classroom Theme


I really try and listen to my customers in all areas of Schoolgirl Style.  When I get a reoccurring theme request, I want to deliver, however, I love to be different and get excited when I can create a theme that hasn’t been done before.  With that said, if I do get several requests for […]