Back-to-School 2014 Release

Well, it’s March and I’ve gone six whole months without showing a brand new classroom theme!  For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know that I like to create a new classroom every couple of months.  I put my heart and soul into every collection I create and I’m usually SO excited to show you the end result!

This year I chose to do things a little differently.

I decided to keep everything a big SECRET.  No photo shoot reveals.  No sneak peek photos.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zip.

In all honesty, this was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done!  I want to keep you excited and I want to inspire you, however,  for a number of reasons, I chose to keep it quiet and not say a word about the secret creations happening at Schoolgirl Style.  (It kind of sounds like Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, right?!?)


I’ve spent the last six months blogging about YOUR classrooms and giving you the inspiration to go out and create your own dream space.  I love looking into other teacher’s classrooms and seeing how they decorate, organize, and manage their environment.  I’m so thankful for the teachers that took the time to send in their photos.  Sharing and learning from one another is very powerful.  As I’ve mentioned before, the overall space and management of your classroom will set you up for success or for failure.  You can’t even think about teaching until you’ve created a classroom that’s equipped for 30 bodies to move, explore, and learn.

So…while I was blogging about your classrooms, I was dreaming.

I was dreaming about classrooms that would excite every child, at every age, and at every grade level.

I was dreaming about classrooms that teachers would LOVE to teach in and enjoy coming to work each and every day.

So…I designed.  I created.  I styled.

Basically, I worked my butt off all winter long and came up with the most AMAZING classrooms that you’ll ever see in your life!

Well, that’s my opinion anyways.  HAHA!

Some of my rooms were suggestions from YOU.   Some of my rooms are absolutely original.

But, I can never truly pull anything off without some kind of an obstacle.  While I try to keep my posts happy and upbeat, behind the scenes, I had some struggles.  Some HUGE struggles.

Struggle #1…A bathroom water leak caused part of our ceiling to cave in right on top of my computer.  I lost everything.  EVERYTHING!  I had several collections created, photo shoots finished…and BAM!!!!  I lost it all.  I lost all of my fonts, clip art, pictures, basically my whole life.  Surprisingly, I didn’t cry.  I stayed really positive.  I knew that everything had to be recreated and it wouldn’t be fun, but it was doable.  I think everyone around me held their breath and expected me to retreat to the corner of my house and sit in a fetal position for the rest of eternity, but I didn’t.  I’m not going to lie, there was some serious panic, but there wasn’t anything I could do.  I had to roll with it.  I picked myself up and started over.  It was a major setback, but we did it.  Oh…and now I  have a back-up system on my new computer!  Lesson learned.

Struggle #2…During this time, I also had a major health scare.  I won’t go into details, but I am fine…thank goodness.  It was a scary couple months for sure.  Mammograms, ladies!  If you are 40 and over, don’t let this go!

Struggle #3…Having a teenager is hard.  Having a teenager with a broken knee is even harder.  I already talked about this before, but it was tough.  Jake’s injury made it difficult for me to find time to work.  I really struggled with balancing my job responsibilities and caring for him.  Again, we survived this big obstacle and our house is back to normal.

Well, here we are…and I survived all of the craziness!  My original plan was to release everything in March.  Due to the computer issue, I had to push things back a bit and change my release date.  Our new Back-to-School release will date will be….

april 21st

So, mark your calendars!  This is something that you definitely do not want to miss!  Oh, and keep your eye on the Schoolgirl Style Shop…cute, new products are coming!


  1. lauren says

    I can’t wait to see your awesome creations. I love using your ideas and showing my teacher friends your creativeness.

  2. Leslie says

    I cannot wait! I am moving into a new school. I am going to completely outdo my classroom this year since I only have 6 years to go, and the theme is “Home Sweet School Home.” I cannot wait until I post pictures for you so you can share what I have done! Looking forward to your amazing ideas as well.

  3. Debra - The Paisley Apple says

    Excited to see your newest creation! Consider “Drop Box” to store all of your creative work. I store everything on it and have back-ups on my flash drives….just in case. 😉

    Hugs and creativity dust for the rest of the year!

  4. MelissaG says

    SO EXCITED! I’m hoping to be back in the classroom (in some capacity) at Back-to-School time 2014! Can’t wait to see your new creations, Melanie!

  5. Rachel Rivera says

    Can’t wait! Love looking at new ideas! So sorry about your water leak, I would have sat in the corner and cried, or actually paced and cried and ranted.

  6. says

    I am so over-the-moon happy with your Sunny Skies collection for my Language Arts classroom. I love that it is not babyish and uses my favorite colors. I get compliments on my room all the time. Random middle school students I don’t even know walk by and stop in to look, followed by “hey, nice room!”. (This never happened before!!!)

    Thank you Melanie, and I can’t wait to see what new collections you have. (Sunny Skies will be pretty hard to top, but I may just have to alternate designs each year if I fall in love with a new collection!)

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