Classroom Tour – Jennifer White

I love this next room and happen to adore the girl that created it!

This cute room belongs to Jennifer White.  Jennifer teaches 1st grade in Alabama.  Jennifer is also the fabulous teacher behind the blog First Grade Blue Skies.

Jennifer’s environment is just plain FUN!  I love her eclectic approach to decorating…lots of patterns and lots of color!

I hope you enjoy touring this darling classroom!

Jennifer White 1

Jennifer White 3

Jennifer White 4

Jennifer White 5

Jennifer White 6

Jennifer White2

Jennifer White 7

Jennifer White 8




  1. April says

    I love this. It is so adorable and such an inspiration. This is by far a dream classroom. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  2. Jodi says

    That is darling!!!! Love how you have light colors with bold colors too!!! Soooo cute!!!! You are so good at decorating!!

  3. Rrg says

    You always have cute and inspirational ideas. Here is a challenge. At our school we are only allowed to use two colors in our rooms. One neutral (think brown, black) and one color from nature (think blue, green). We are not allowed to have any clutter. Curtains are hung over bookshelves to hide clutter. No patterns in borders or backgrounds. Lamps, fountains, plants are highly encouraged. This is to create a calm learning environment with little distractions. I see all of your pics and think CUTE, but I can’t use it.

  4. Jennifer White says

    Wow love it!! I teach kinder in. Arkansas !! I’d love to have my classroom done in all this chevron things!! When I saw it said Jennifer White’s classroom I was like what someone with the same name that’s a teacher too cool!!

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