Winter Blahs SALE

 If you are anything like me, I’m getting really tired of this snow and extreme cold weather!  It felt like a heat wave today in Michigan…it was a whopping 28 degrees!

Nothing can help a girl feel better and beat the “Winter Blahs” than shopping!

( Especially shopping in your yoga pants or pj’s!)

I know how you are feeling this time of year…you are probably tired of your classroom, it’s starting to feel cluttered, drab, and in need of a face lift, right?

How about some pretty decor to brighten your space???

Some happy lanterns, poms, or paper daisies could do the trick!  What about a banner or some Monogram Art to spruce up a boring bulletin board?  Maybe an Organization in Style package could help transform your cluttered space into a organizational dream!

You could also be thinking about that new classroom in the fall!  This is the PERFECT time to purchase that collection at a major discount!

Everything in the Schoolgirl Style Shop is 30% off.  I mean EVERYTHING!

Enjoy this special discount the ENTIRE weekend!

Happy Shopping!

winter blahs sale


  1. sally wright says

    Thank You!! I don’t have the Winter Blahs – – I’m from Colorado and LOVE snow – – but I am pretty excited to do some shopping! The goodies in my shopping cart will definitely be a welcome addition to my classroom!

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