Surprise! Another Like It! Share It! Win It! Giveaway

I know you thought we were done with our giveaways, right?  Well, WRONG! 

Right in the middle of all the fun, Mardel contacted me and offered to contribute ANOTHER $100!!!

like it share it win it contest image 2013

Are you familiar with Mardel?

Mardel is a Christian and education store located in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a Mardel near me, but I’ve heard people talk about it FOREVER!  Mardel.  Mardel.  Mardel.  Seriously, I’ve heard this name a million times!

When I planned my trip to Oklahoma to decorate Karen Marinelli’s classroom (teacher injured in Oklahoma tornado), I asked her if they had a teacher store nearby to purchase some classroom items.  Karen explained that I could stop at the nearest Mardel.

There it was AGAIN!!!  MARDEL.  I knew I had to see what this was all about.

The first night that I was in Oklahoma, I finally made my trip to the infamous Mardel!

As I walked in, I was instantly impressed with the large selection of classroom décor and supplies.  WOW!  Karen wasn’t kidding…this was a teacher store! 

I walked around and admired the large collection of Christian home décor, clothing, office supplies, and so much more!  Karen also told me that I needed to get the famous t-shirt that supports the Plaza Towers teachers…

Plaza Towers t-shirt

Don’t you LOVE it?!?  These are only sold at Mardel.

I was so overwhelmed and excited to be at Mardel, that I actually walked out without it!

Not to worry though, Karen was thoughtful enough to pick one up for me at the end of my stay!  Thank you, Karen!

Soooo, you cannot imagine how happy I was when I was contacted by Mardel the day I returned home from Oklahoma and they expressed their interest in helping teachers as well!  Thank you, Mardel for your support!

Here we go…AGAIN! 

We will run the giveaway all day and a winner will be announced at 11:00 p.m.

This is how you can enter…

1.  “LIKE” the post

2.  “SHARE” on Facebook with all of your teacher friends

3.  Comment below telling me you did both.

4.  Head over to the Mardel Facebook page and “LIKE” their page too!


*This contest is for teachers only.  I do verify that the winner is a teacher and that the post had been shared.  Thanks for understanding!


  1. says

    I liked the Mardel FB page, shared this post on my FB, and liked Schoolgirl Style on FB. I didn’t see the post yet in order to like it but will do as soon as it is up! Thanks for offering this giveaway. We have been having a Mardel in my city for about a year now and I absolutely LOVE it!
    More Than Math by Mo

  2. Heather Ogburn says

    It’s not on Facebook yet so all I could do is like Mardel. As soon as it shows up I will like and share.

  3. says

    Liked, shared post, like Mardel, ok fine LOVE Mardel, yesterday was telling my coworkers at a meeting that I had an order going in, if they needed anything let me know….LOVE LOVE them, thanks for the chances!

  4. Jo Ann says

    I liked Mardel again and shared on Facebook. I love shopping at the store. I ask my kids at school when I make out my wish list for gift cards for Mardel’s. God bless and have a fun-ta-bu-lous day.

  5. Heather says

    Thank you for offering another giveaway contest! I liked the post and Mardel on Facebook, and shared the contest. Good luck to everyone.

  6. Cairn says

    I liked it and shared it and I was already a fan of Mardel’s! I am lucky to have one not too far away and have already been there this summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Jennifer Mills says

    Thank you for another giveaway ! I have like and shared everything . I know who ever wins will be very blessed. I shared your post 4 times :). I hope it helps to get more participants. Who know I might be the lucky one I know the gift card from my favorite store would help to finish buying items for my two Pre-k classrooms. Thanks again Melanie!

  8. Cheryl says

    I liked, shared and liked the Facebook page of Mardel. I used to LOVE Mardel as a kid. We went there all the time for our homeschool supplies…it never occurred to me as a teacher that I should check them out again!

  9. Lesley Muenks says

    I liked and shared both on FB. I love Mardel’s. I will have to drive about two hours to get there. But it is sooooo worth it!

  10. Jaime Williams says

    I liked the post and shared it on Facebook. I recently discovered Mardel on Pinterest. I placed an order, and it arrived within 3 days! I love the products, and I was extremely happy with my order and its quick shipment and delivery! The products are also unique and very cute! Love it!!!

  11. Rachel Krock says

    I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to comment on here or Facebook, so I did it in both places. I liked and shared. Thanks!

  12. melissa l says

    I liked and shared. On facebook. Love this it wpuld be so helful as a yraveling in teacher i meed three of everything!

  13. Shannon Huffman says

    I’m crossing my fingers that this includes us homeschool teachers, as well! Mardel is to homeschoolers as wheels are to cars!

  14. Shannon Henderson says

    Liked and shared. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mardels. Planning on a trip tomorrow. We have one about two hours from where I live!

  15. Laisha Taylor says

    I liked the post, shared the post to my facebook, and liked your facebook page! Thank you! I hope I win!

  16. Linda Linfoot says

    Mardel’s is the most fun story! A day there is like a party celebration. My eyes are always bigger than the budget – anyone would be delighted to have a $100 larger budget to shop with.
    I’m excited for whoever gets this wonderful blessing. TY Mardel’s

  17. Heather Robinett says

    I love Mardel! It’s the only teaching store here in Midland, and it’s wonderful. I liked the post and shared on my Facebook page. Thanks!

  18. Cathy Lien says

    Liked and shared! I bought 10 of the Mardel “Hoo-ray for Teachers” shirts for my teacher friends. The shirts are great quality and totally affordable…$7.99 apiece, no tax, no shipping costs. :)

  19. Lynnetta Bragdon says

    I LOVE Mardel too! BUT we don’t have one near me BUT I still drive to go! Make you feel good to be there doesn’t it?

  20. Rachel Wood says

    Liked and shared!! This would be so awesome to win! I am a 1st year teacher and could use the extra help. :)

  21. says

    Thank you for what you represent to our country regarding the education of our children. We all need to pray for our schools, administrators, teachers, and legislators that moral and academic decisions made are in the best interest of the student!

  22. says

    I liked, shared, and liked Mardel’s fb and yours. I love Mardel and everything they stand for. I teach in a public high school in Mesquite, TX and thankfully prayer is not frowned upon there. We still pray over the loud speakers at football games and graduation. My students are even prone to do a class prayer before my tests. We say the pledge of allegiance every morning. We celebrate CHRISTmas there too. Sometimes I like to rant and rave about our public high school’s high standards and great beliefs ton give hope to people who think prayer isn’t allowed in school. Just thought I’d share.

  23. Tammie says

    Liked, shared and commenting! Mardel is my absolute favorite store as a Christian and a teacher!!! I go in and feel like I’m in heaven!! THANKS so much for the chance to win!! Would love to be chosen! :) :)

  24. Tchur8 says

    I liked both, shared and commented! Whew! Think that covers it all. I would love to win…if I can’t use it by ordering on line I have a wonderful niece who just started teaching this year…bet she would love to get this as a gift! hmmmm….

  25. Dena Wright says

    I love seeing all the wonderful ideas that you share! I would love to win and go shopping at Mardel! Pick me!

  26. Ronda Walton says

    I liked and shared. Just missed Teacher appreciation day. Own the shirt too, But would love to win gift card :)

  27. Sandra Horcher says

    I have liked the offer, I have shared the offer, and I have four teachers in my family to shop for! Thank you for offering such amazing teacher supplies in your store! Blessings, Sandra

  28. Cathie Self says

    Hi – I liked Mardel’s page and I’m liking and sharing your post! Thank you for your generosity. I love Mardel. I order online all the time!

  29. Kim Engstrom says

    I have liked, shared, and here I’m am letting you know that I’ve completed it all. I love to go to Mardells and look through their store for teacher supplies and Christian favorites. Thank you for this offer!!

  30. Kimberly Reed Engstrom says

    I have shared, liked and signed up on Mardells Facebook. Love Mardells fir teaching and also faith filled books and cds. Would love to win!!

  31. Brianne says

    I did everything above! Liked the post, shared the post, and liked their facebook page. I’m a first year teacher and this would definitely come in handy! Thank you so much!

  32. Kim McCutcheon says

    I liked Mardel’s site and shared this post. I am about to shop for classroom decor and saw this giveaway.

  33. Doreen Bednarski says

    I liked and shared on FB then I liked Mardel on their FB. Thank you for yet another amazing giveaway!

  34. Angie Beam says

    Hello, I liked and shared your face book page. Nicole Walk sent the post to me today. She is a teacher starting a new grade this year. Thanks, Angie

  35. Tyla Beach says

    Love, love, love me they are like my Hobby Lobby store…lol…I have shared on Facebook and liked the post…so awesome.

  36. Pamela Owens says

    I did!! I have to go visit one the next time I am in one of those states :) Thanks Mardel and Melanie

  37. Dessie Dacus says

    I like it and shared it, and would love it if I won a gift card to Mardel!!! I need new inside recess games, and I could afford them if I won!!!!

  38. Dcarriker says

    I did all of the instructions. I love Mardel’s for their teacher items as well as the enormous amount of Christian books, Bibles and gifts that they carry.

  39. Rita Saunders says

    I liked and shared. We start school on Monday! I would love to have a first grade room designed by you!

  40. Linda Cantrell says

    I followed all the steps. Teachers put sooo much out of their own pockets throughout the school year. This would be such a BLESSING. Even if I don’t win, Thank You for this wonderful offer.

  41. Carolyn Sauer says

    I love Mardel’s. It has everything one could dream of wanting and they ship promptly. The materials have always been good quality. It is just an awesome store. I liked and shared on facebook.

    • Carolyn Sauer says

      I also loved looking at your teacher designs. I liked and shared but forgot to mention your personal stuff after discussing Mardel’s. Sorry.

  42. Bethany Santner says

    Just liked and shared! This would be such a blessing for me as I just started my career as a preschool teacher and could use this to help with getting things for my room and everything! Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone! :)

  43. Becky says

    I liked, shared and keeping my fingers crossed. This K-teacher could use a trip to MARDEL and some goodies!!!

  44. Lindy says

    I liked and shared on FB. I am a veteran teaching who has been ‘out of the loop’ for a year getting back into the saddle and teaching 6th grade starting this month. I have 20 years teaching 3rd/4th grades but have nothing in my ‘bag of tricks’ for teaching 6th grade! I am excited though. PICK ME!

  45. Jessica Nweke says

    I love Mardel, cheapest lamination I can find. Plus the people are always kind when I go in. When I moved to Houston I found one and it’s the same as the one in Arlington. Fantastic customer service! Anyways, Liked it, shared it.

  46. Nancy Bergenske says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I don’t have a Mardel where I live, but their web page is great… I liked and shared it!

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