Goodbye Kandin…(big sigh)


Did I ever mention that I am the most emotional person that you’ll ever meet?  So, I tend to avoid all sad moments, especially when it’s time to say “goodbye.”

Today is Kandin’s last day with Schoolgirl Style.  Currently, I am in Wyoming and can’t give her that last hug.  I was hoping to give her a  proper send off, but in reality, I am glad I’m not there.  I know I would fall apart at that last “goodbye.”

You see, Kandin has been more than an employee with Schoolgirl Style, she has been a permanent fixture in our home for the last three months.  If she was not in our basement shipping, she was sitting at our counter answering your emails and keeping me from sitting in a fetal position in the corner of my house.

We experienced some real setbacks this summer (I will explain another time) and she was the one that helped keep it all together.  I am sure that with any business, there are growing pains, but Kandin was right in the center of them and was the constant POSITIVE vibe throughout it all.  Kandin’s calm demeanor helped balance those moments when I was freaking out or when I felt like I couldn’t keep up. 

Kandin became part of our family this summer.  I often laugh to myself thinking of how sitting at someone’s kitchen counter for three whole months has probably felt like a reality T.V. show for her and she was living right in the middle of it!  She saw it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  When I say ugly, she was there at my front door every morning when I woke up and it wasn’t pretty!  She got to know me better than most everyone I know.  She saw all of my emotions and knows my strengths and weaknesses. 

I knew this day was coming and it definitely came too fast.  It’s time for her to go and finish pursuing her dreams (and she has big ones!).  She will go on to do great things!  I love to hear her talk about possible missionary work, traveling, wanting to live in a big city, maybe even working in the fashion industry.  Whatever she does, she will be a shining star!

So, Kandin…here is my “goodbye” to you!  I will miss you terribly…(ugh…here come the tears).  Thank you for being a part of our team these last two years – you have been a huge part of the success at Schoolgirl Style.  It’s time for you to go and be YOU!  God has big plans for your life!  I am so proud of you and everything you stand for!

Thank you, Kandin!!!


  1. says

    Oh… I’m sad for you to lose your friend. I’ll come and work for you!!!!! Oh, wait, I live in Phoenix and I have a husband and 4 children. I guess that won’t work. I would love to, though! Enjoy hearing stories about how your friend and co-worker grows and lives.

  2. Zoraida Chavez-Elizondo says

    Melanie, I know you know appreciate all that Kandin did with/for you . . . but, let me tell you from a customer’s perspective, she was absolutely instrumental in ensuring that I was completely satisfied with the Road Trip theme I purchased! When I inquired about how my bilingual classroom had specific needs, she was AmAzInG in ensuring eVeRy detail was taken care of!! I know I thanked her when she worked on the last request, but, now I simply would like to share that her help was instrumental in helping me reinvent myself in the district I just moved to. I am receiving a whole lot of compliments of the theme and how things in my room are coming together!! Thanks Kandin once again for all of your help!!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Thank you for sharing that, Zoraida! Kandin was invaluable and I will miss her dearly. I am so so happy that you were happy with our customer service! Have a fabulous year!!!

  3. Laurie Ayers says

    Awww ~ I’m going to miss you. You answered many questions for me and have always been sooo helpful!!! Blessings as you continue your life journey Kandin … Godspeed. Much Love ~ xx

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