Schoolgirl Style Sale

Do you have your eye on a certain product or theme from Schoolgirl Style?  Well, this is the weekend to make that purchase!

Both Teacher’s Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers are running huge sales during Super Bowl weekend!

The Teachers Notebook sale is held on Saturday and Sunday.  You can save 25% on every item in the shop.  I’ve even included my popular poms, daisies, and lanterns in this sale.  This is a great opportunity to get those special items that you’ve been swooning over!

C’mon, you work hard…YOU DESERVE IT! Smile

Click HERE to go shopping in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop! 


Now, I know a lot of you enjoy shopping at Teachers Pay Teachers as well.  I’ve recently opened a new Teachers Pay Teachers store to accommodate YOU!  Stop by my store to receive 20% off on Sunday and Monday.  Now, this particular sale requires you to enter a discount code to receive an additional discount for a total savings of 28%!

Discount Code: SUPER

Click HERE to go shopping in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

TPT sale promo

Happy Shopping!


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