Winter Fun

I usually reserve Sunday nights for blogging on my Inspired In Style website with Creative Teaching Press.  Before I get started, I thought I would show you pictures from today…

I always spend Sundays working on my computer.  The hubby is home and I can get a lot of things accomplished while he keeps an eye on the kids.  I decided to take the day off for a change and spend it having fun with the family.

My parents bought a house on a lake over the summer.  It has been one of the best things EVER for our family.  It truly feels like a vacation every time we go over and visit.  The kids absolutely adore seeing Grandma and Grandpa, plus they get to fish, watch the frogs on the lily pads, go for boat rides, and run away from the mean swans that enjoy chasing us!

Now that winter is here, the lake has frozen over and it is filled with hockey games, ice skating, and ice fishing. 

I don’t enjoy the cold, but we all bundled up and decided to enjoy the lake today.

winter 2013

The top picture is the view from my parent’s kitchen.  We went out and walked the entire lake and had a ton of fun!  You can see the picture on the bottom where I wiped out the minute I touched the ice!  My son was happy that he had the camera to capture that moment.  He was laughing so hard, he could barely take the picture!

It felt good to take some time off and enjoy the weekend!

Ok…off to blogging.  Make sure you check out my Inspired In Style website for pictures of my Dots on Black classroom!  I can’t wait for all of you to see them!


  1. Brett says

    This actually made me miss the cold weather! My son needs to make snow angels!
    I think we might need to leave the beach and go to the mountains sometime soon!

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