Cute Classroom Inspiration by Kathy McFerran–Memphis, TN


I am so thrilled about showing this classroom!  Meet Kathy McFerran and her best friend, Angie Sneathern…

schoolgirl style apple photo 2

Kathy and Angie have earned the nicknames, “Martha” and “Stewart” at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tennessee where they are both first grade teachers. 

Here is a snapshot of Kathy’s apple themed classroom…

schoolgirl style apple photo collage

So so so cute!

Kathy explained that each classroom at her school has a different colored wall.  Kathy was so excited to have the “Red Room” and couldn’t wait to decorate her room with an apple theme!

Welcome to Kathy’s classroom…

schoolgirl style apple photo 1

What an absolutely gorgeous focal point in the classroom!  This is so beautifully done!  I love how Kathy has a coordinated table cloth with red ric rac around the bottom.  This is such a nice detail to her classroom.  This little touch pulls her entire theme together.  The tree is pretty spectacular as well.  The picket fence with flower poms tops off this fabulous space!

schoolgirl style apple photo 4

Again, Kathy pulls her theme together by using coordinating colors on this side of the room.  I am in love with her apple lanterns and “Sharp Students” bulletin board at the top of the wall.

schoolgirl style apple photo 3

I love this darling little corner!

schoolgirl style apple photo 6

Cute!  Cute!

schoolgirl style apple photo 5

This banner is so cute!  I love how Kathy pulled the theme to the front of the room with a tree pocket chart, apple number line, coordinating chair pockets and calendar area!

schoolgirl style apple photo 7

More cuteness!

schoolgirl style apple photo 8

Another view…

schoolgirl style apple photo 9

I am sure that you can agree that this room is breathtaking! 

Great job, Kathy!

Stay tuned for photos of Angie’s room!  I can’t wait for you to see the color of her room and how she created a beautiful space for her students!



  1. Karen McDivit says

    Cute!! I attended Briarcrest. I was in first grade when it opened as Briarcrest Baptist. Good memories:) glad to see it is still an amazing school!!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness. That is so stinkin’ cute! I wish my classroom had an accent wall! I noticed the bible verse on the wall… makes me think Kathy teaches in a Christian school like me :)

    • Kathy McFerran says

      Thank you! It is so nice to be at a Christian school where we can share God’s word freely.:)

  3. angie sneathern says

    Kathy is truly an inspiration to work with each day! I am blessed to work “next door” to such a wonderful teacher!

    Angie Sneathern

  4. Kathy McFerran says

    Angie and I have the best time working and teaching our “Fabulous First Graders!” There is nothing like being able to work with your best friend!! I can’t wait for you to see Angie’s room!!!! It is precious!
    We do teach at a Christian school and it is such a pleasure to share God’s love and His Word with our students!
    Kathy McFerran

  5. Lauren Ayers says

    Soooo beautiful!!! Can I ask about the desk “sacks” hanging on the backs of the chairs at your computer station??!?! I would LOVE to have some – adorable!!! I teach 1st Grade too!!!

  6. says

    Breathtaking is right. Wow, I am blown away at how adorable it is. I have an accent colored wall too but it is orange. :/ I am sure I can pull it in to my surf theme if I wanted to but I don’t cause I am currently still protesting that we didn’t get a blue accent wall. LOL I know I am only driving myself nuts, no one else could care. 😛 BUT wow, I just love it all in this room. My fav bit was the frog bins/ baskets. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Lizz says

    Wow! Should’ve been a finalist… hands down (but I know you have too many cute rooms to choose from)!

    Hoping you’ll do an ocean theme soon!!

  8. Lauren Ayers says

    Thank you Kathy for your reply. I’ll check out Pottery Barn and see if I can locate them!! I appreciate your feedback!!! Thanks sooo much!!! Smiles!!

    • Kathy McFerran says

      Thank you Teasia! My sweet granddaddy cut the tree for me out of plywood and he also made my picket fence! I have used both of these for years and I never get tired of them! I am always looking for new ways to update them.

    • Kathy McFerran says

      Thank you Janice. I LOVE trees too!!!! I am always looking for different ways I can use them. My sweet grandfather made the tree for me that is behind the table.

  9. Debra says

    I really love everything about your classroom. I would like to know a couple of things. Where did you get the great tree behind the table, and what kind of border is that around the bulletin board?

    • Kathy McFerran says

      My sweet grandfather cut the tree out of plywood for me. I have had it several years. Love thinking of new things to do with it.
      I made the border from strips of bulletin board paper and I just folded and stapled it to the board.

  10. Heidi Mortensen says

    Bravo!!!!! You took the “Apple Theme” to a new level!!!! Very inspirational!!! I would love to get a copy of your Johnny Appleseed patterns. He is adorable and just exactly what I have been looking for!!!
    Thanks, Heidi Mortensen
    San Francisco Bay Area

  11. Kathy McFerran says

    Thanks so much Heidi! I believe I got the pattern for Johnny Appleseed from Pinterest. I will look it up and let you know.

  12. Pat Venafra says

    Dear Kathy – AWESOME does not even tell how great of a job you did in your room! I am blown away. I have been looking for a few yeas now how to bring a tree and all it can teach into my classroom, I teach Prek3 sometimes Prek4. I love what you have done & my creativity is flowing. How did you get the pattern of the tree trunk for the wood? Is that fabric for the leaves? What do you do when the fall is over? Spring? I see you have been thinking of new things & I wonder if you have. I have some ideas of some things I have done I could share if you would like. Also the chair pockets on the chairs at the computer – why do they have the letters on them? & I can not see what the poster behind your desk says – looks very cute – could you tell me?? LOVE LOVE the science center also. Thanks, Kathy

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