Cute Classroom Inspiration – Angie Sneathern, Memphis, TN

So, you remember the adorable room that I featured this week?  Today, we get to see Kathy’s other half…her best friend, Angie Sneathern!  Angie and Kathy are the fabulous decorating duo from Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kathy is the blonde with the RED room and Angie is the brunette with the ORANGE room!

Here is a photo of the girls!


I am so impressed with these classrooms!  They both feel so warm, cozy, and happy!  Looking at their rooms really makes me want to go back into the classroom and teach.  Well, maybe not teach, but it makes me want to decorate a classroom!

Are you ready to see Angie’s room?

I can’t wait to show you!


angie schoolgirl style collage

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I love the double trees from Creative Teaching Press, the apple lanterns, the giraffe, EVERYTHING!!!

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This caterpillar is to die for!  Love the striped and polka dot wrapping paper too.  Hmmm…I see a little Schoogirl Style inspiration in this photo!

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I knew you were going to ask, so I asked for you…Angie used double sided tape to attach the ribbon underneath the table.  I love this!

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These shelves are absolutely darling!  They don’t look like your typical classroom shelf – more like something you would see at home.  This really gives Angie’s room a cozy feeling.  Did you notice that she wallpapered the back of the shelves with an adorable green and white gingham paper.  This is such a nice touch!


I am loving this rug!

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Ahhhh!   Beautiful classroom…

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Do you feel inspired?  I know that I do!

Awesome job, Angie!


  1. Lauren Ayers says

    Just adorable!!! Are the aimals painted onto the walls OR are they decals? If decals – are they available for purchase somewhere?! Also the cabinets – purchased, refurbished?!?!? Love them too!!!

    • angie says

      Hi Lauren!
      The animals are decals. They have been moved around three times and still look great! I ordered them from Pottery Barn Kids.

  2. says

    Another beautiful room. Makes me cringe at the pictures I sent you the other day of my room. But truth is I was asking for help. I wasn’t claiming to have a cute room. LOL I love those tree pocket charts. I have had my eye on one for years and I think I will finally just give in and purchase one this summer. Let’s see how I can incorporate it to my room’s surf theme. LOL

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Oh Melissa! Your room is beautiful too! I have a ton of rooms that I still haven’t featured yet – I will find your submission! :)

      • says

        Oh I didn’t mean for my room to be featured, truth is I don’t think it is cohesive enough to be featured. No I was asking for some help so I sent you some pics. 😛 However, you are MORE THAN WELCOMED to feature anything you want from my room or pictures. :)

        Actually one of my favorite things in my room are my students book boxes which were inspired by you. :) I used the polka dot gabled boxes. Sooooo cute. Thanks for always inspiring.

    • Tammy Stotler says

      I use hot glue A LOT in my classroom (and on the hallway outside my room) to put things up anymore. I got soooo frustrated when things would come down after I got them perfectly positioned! The hot glue comes off easily and doesn’t mess up my newly painted beautiful yellow walls! Try it!

  3. Tami says

    Adorable room! Very creative and inspiring! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the caterpillar! On another note…isn’t this the school where the movie, The Blindside, took place?? Sounds familiar!

  4. Debra says

    WOW! Another adorable classroom! I love the poms used on the caterpillar and flowers. The tunnel is cute….creative idea converting to a caterpillar also. :) I like the ribbon attached to the table, but how do you keep the kids from pulling on them?

    • angie sneathern says

      Ha! Ha! Well…… it’s one of our reading group rules. :) They are usually VERY good at not bothering the ribbons, but if one should “happen” to come off- I just stick it back into place with a glue dot.

  5. Crystal says

    I keep seeing these cute…..big pom pom\Truffula….things in several pictures. They look different from the way you traditionally make a paper flower. Also, the edges of the paper looks scalloped. How did you guys make those? Thanks!

    • Tammy Stotler says

      Hello Crystal!

      When I made my “pom, poms” for my truffula trees I did use large sheets of tissue paper to make my flowers. I simply trimmed the edges of the paper (several sheets at a time) with different styles of scrapbooking scissors that I use to make the “ruffled” edges. I’m not sure that is how Angie made hers, but I wanted to share with you how I made mine. Hope this helps!

      • angie sneathern says

        Hey girls!

        I cheated and bought my “poofs” at Hobby Lobby!! You get 3 sizes of the same color in a package for $7.95!! :)

  6. Nicole says

    Love you room!! So homey! Where did you get your white book shelves? They look great in your classroom!

    • angie sneathern says

      Thanks, Nicole! I actually bought those at Home a few years back. I love that I can change the back of them with fabric and a little spray adhesive!! You could really do this with the back of any book case that removes easily. :)

  7. Natalie says

    I have a question. I am a special education teacher in a lower income school. I have virtually no budget for the school year from the district and my income is fairly low. I would LOVE a room like this but how do you afford it? It seems like a struggle just to buy the essentials for the year, not including decorations. This kind of room would be an absolute dream for me! :)

    • angie sneathern says

      Thanks, Natalie!
      I TOTALY understand your dilema!! My husband and I are both teachers at a private school and my boys are SICK of the word “budget”!! :) I do have to admit that I have collected many items for my room over the past several years and I refurbish constantly!!! I hardly EVER pay full price for ANYTHING!!! Hobby Lobby runs 1/2 off sales quite often and I can always find good stuff at garage sales/Goodwill stores. Paint and a little TLC can make a HUGE difference in bookcases, chairs, easels, baskets, etc. Wall paper stores will often give teachers old wallpaper books for free- these can make cute letters for bulletin boards or laminate them for math mats that match your room decor. Make your own poms with dollar store tissue paper, ask grocery stores and bookstores for displays they are going to throw away. They are usually happy for you to take them off their hands! For instance, I changed my room to a “princess/knight” theme this year. Instead of ordering an expensive castle -I asked Kroger for a DVD holder that just happened to be in the shape of a castle!! It’s precious and FREE!!! Crayola now makes window markers!! You can decorate your windows with these, write notes to the students, or let them help you decorate them!! :) Hope this helps!! You CAN have a beautiful classroom on a tiny budget- I promise!! :)

        • angie sneathern says

          Here are a few more money savers that I’ve used to make a BIG impact on the room. Get painter’s drop cloths (the canvas ones) .They are pretty inexpensive and come in different sizes. Paint a scene (I usually roll the background color with a roller).Use stencils to trace any words and then paint the words in with craft paint. You can use paint pens if you are really artsy and can do the writing free- hand. :) These make great wall hangings and add LOTS of color. The scenes don’t have to be detailed, just bright and happy. They are great to use when trying to create “sections” of the room. I have done several of these throughout the years and they really add to a room. You can even border them with bulletin board border or poms!
          Don’t have a ton of money for a cute classroom rug? No worries. Go to Lowe’s or your local hardware store and ask for the ugliest, cheapest, laminte flooring they have. ( It will come on huge rolls- not the squares in a box.) ALWAYS ask if they have any remnants. The pattern in the laminate doesn’t matter, because you are going to use the BACK which should be smooth. Roll a coat or two of “kiltz” onto the laminate. Once this is dry- paint away!! You can do a scene, pattern such as checkerboard or polka dots, or write a cute saying. If you don’ like something- you can always paint over it! After this is completely dry, cover it with at least two coats of polyacrylic sealer. Make sure its polyACRYLIC!! This seals the paint and allows you to clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser when your sweet little ones get scuff marks on it. :) You can also wipe it down with antibacterial wipes. The laminate can be cut into any size (at the store) so you can have a personalized little welcome mat or a huge classroom sitting “rug.” The possibilities are endless and it is a FRACTION of the cost of a classroom rug!! It takes time, but it’s well worth it! Ask to see the “cheap” section of paints at the paint counter- these are mixes that customers didn’t want. You never know what bargain you will find!!

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