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As most of you know, I love to decorate for the holidays!  So many people forget about Thanksgiving and start decorating for Christmas right away.  To be honest, I am usually one of those people too! 

I decorated my living room for a few weeks to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  I don’t feel like I put too much effort into this and was getting ready to take it all down, but my mother insisted that I take a few pictures to show you!  Since I always listen to my mother (she is rolling her eyes right now, I am sure!), I will show you a few photos from this room!

Thanksgiving 2012

I love color, but I find that I can’t live with it. I change my mind so often about my favorite colors, so I tend to keep my own home in neutrals. The neutrals are a nice backdrop to my holiday decorating. I can change the entire look of my room with accessories for every season!

The color palette: brown, cream, and gold.

I plan to take all of this down on Friday and transform this space into a Winter Wonderland!

Happy Decorating!




  1. Jennifer Bennett says

    I love your home! I love neutral colors too. My whole house is khaki minus the bedrooms which I had to paint red!

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