Gingerbread Party

I created this adorable Gingerbread Party last Christmas and thought I would bring it back for all of my new followers!  This was, by far, one of my favorite photo shoots of all time!  I enjoy going back and seeing the pictures of my girls and remembering their excitement of having their very own Gingerbread Party.  My kids couldn’t wait to dig into all of the yummy goodies and to make their very first gingerbread man!

The excitement of the holiday season is upon us! There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with GINGERBREAD! Baking and decorating cookies and gingerbread houses is a memorable tradition for most families. Children love the classic gingerbread man and enjoy the rolling of the dough, cutting out his silhouette and decorating him! Eating him up is the best part, especially after the children have heard the classic tale and are very intrigued by his naughty and spunky attitude!

Schoolgirl Style has taken the classic gingerbread story and has turned it into a fabulous party! Children can enjoy baking and decorating cookies, then spend some time enjoying games, crafts, and activities revolving around the popular gingerbread story. The party is perfect for the classroom, as well as an adorable home party!

Having planned parties for large groups of children for many years, the activities, crafts, and games were created from my most successful party experiences. The party package includes:

1. Pennant banner for decorating your home or classroom
2. Gift tags for cookies
3. 2 inch and 3 inch gingerbread tags for cupcakes and other projects included in the packet.
4. Labels for food and decorating items.
5. Parent letter to send home for donations
6. Gingerbread party invitation
7. Center signs
9. Gingerbread Party letters
10. Gingerbread play dough recipe
11. Easy gingerbread recipe
12. Ideas and templates for nine different party activities
13. Explanation of how to organize your party with different options.
14. Party gift ideas
15. Set up directions


  1. BrooklynNYTeach says

    This is a fabulous idea. Your creativity is inspiring. Unfortunately my school district will not allow Christmas Tree’s to go up but I will definitely use the gingerbread men. We have officially changed our holiday theme at home to Gingerbread Men! Thanks so much and happy holidays.

  2. Aanika Papet says

    This was very inspiring. I have the luau theme in my classroom. I’m going to decorate my palm tree with lights and ornaments.

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