Cute Classroom Inspiration–Trish Landis

I’m telling you, there were so many phenomenal submissions for the Schoolgirl Style Challenge and it was so tough to choose only a handful.  This room blew me away when I saw the pictures!

This amazing room belongs to Trish Landis from Souderton, PA.  She teaches first grade at Penn View Christian School.  Trish used my Carnival Theme in her classroom. 

In addition to using all of my editable products from my Carnival theme, Trish used the Dots on Turquoise borders from Creative Teaching Press to create a magical learning environment for her students!


trish landis photo

I had to throw this pic in!  I thought it was such a cute photo of Trish preparing her classroom!

trish landis 1

How cute is this?!?  I love the awning above the board!

trish landis 2

Trish remembered her windows.  She used striped paper and pennants to pull the theme throughout the room.  I also like the poms above each table!

trish landis 3

I love how Trish used the pennants above each table and customized each one with my editable products.  Trish used a really cute font too!

trish landis 4

What a clever idea!  Trish made a 3D carnival ride in her classroom!  Oh my goodness, the kids must LOVE this!

trish landis 5

Another view of her classroom…

trish landis 6

Editable book basket labels were customized with her student’s names…

trish landis 7

A close up of her windows…

I’m sure you can agree, Trish did a fabulous job decorating her room!  I’m sure her students love coming to such a fun place to learn everyday!

Well done, Trish!


  1. Trish Landis says

    WOW, what a surprise to come on your AMAZING blog and find..ME :) What a pleasant shock. Thanks for showing my room, but, I honestly could not have done this without 1. Your awesome ideas and 2. All your products. You were an inspiration to me since the end of last year when I knew I would be changing rooms. As soon as I saw your carnival classroom theme, I KNEW I needed to do it for my firsties. Thanks for all your hard work that you invest!

  2. Jillian says

    I love it! Her room is even cuter in person! I had the privlege of teaching with her last year and she is an amazing teacher and friend!!!!! Love that you showcased her work. She took a lot of time making her classroom perfect and I just love your carnival theme!

    • Trish Landis says

      I just used string and tied it to command hooks that I placed every so often. Then I used striped wrapping paper (from Party City), measured and cut to the next command hook. I folded the paper over the string, so it was in half, then I stapled the Creative Teaching Press Dots on Turquoise border to the bottom of the paper to hop it in place. I did this all the way across to make the “curtain” over the window. It was definitely a two man (woman :)) job. Thanks to my sister for all the time she invested into MY classroom. Hope this helps, it is kinda hard to explain. I know Melanie explains how to do it on one of her blog posts, probably better than I just did, haha!

  3. says

    OMG this is so cute! I wish I had such inspiring class when I was in school! I remember my rooms as dark and boring! I had a good time in school but being in amore creative and inspiring class would have been so much more fun! Thank you for sharing great pictures and projects! Will share it with my friends (the teachers) and will get them started on some cool projects!

  4. Kay Koehlmoos says

    Hi Trish, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your room. I’m a preschool teacher and am planning a circus / carnival theme for next fall. I was wondering how you did the awning above the bulletin board and where you got the ringmaster?

  5. Katie Graves says

    I’m so glad to see one of Melanie’s themes with the “Turquoise on Dots” from CTP. I purchased fabric first, then went to my local teacher supply store and found the “Turquoise on Dots” matched it perfectly. Then I wanted to purchase some elements from SGS to pull it all together. Yay! I found a match!
    Thank you Trish and Melanie!

  6. Debbie Hill says

    Your room is so cute! I know you had fun putting it together.
    I am planning to do an awning over one of my bulletin boards.
    Could you explain how you made and attached yours?
    Thanks for your help.

  7. Khristina says

    I love the awning over your bulletin board! I am wanting to do something similar for my jungle room (with grass fringe). How were you able to make the awning stick out from the wall? Thanks so much for any help you can share!

    • Trish says

      For the awning above the board I cut out cardboard for the length and width I had measured, I went to my local appliance store and got a huge refrigerator box. I then spray painted the underside red. I used spray adhesive and glued on striped wrapping paper that I bought at party city. To make it stick out from the wall I used styrofoam pieces and hot glued onto the top side of the awning…I also hot glued it onto the wall, but this is going to be work getting it off the wall. I will needing my husband to come help me take it off and probably repaint the wall that the styrofoam is attached to. Does anyone have an easier way to make it stick out? It definitely works, but probably not the best way to do it for ease of getting down one day! I used the dots on turquoise pennant border and hot glued the border all the way around the cardboard awning to give it the final touch of detail :)

  8. Jessica says

    WOW! Super cute job! I love it when you see someone work so hard and it look so beautiful!! Great job:)

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