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I am so excited to announce my new giveaway…a $25 coupon code to use at Erin!  If you are not familiar with Erin Condren, you definitely need to visit her site and see all of her amazing products!

Erin Condren. com specializes in planners, stationary, calendars, address labels and SO much more!  Let me tell you, her products are fantastic!  She uses trendy designs and vibrant colors in everything she creates.  My absolute FAV product…her teacher planners!  Take a look at these…

erin condren photo 1

Ummmm….are you drooling yet?!?!  Seriously, awesome stuff!

Want to see just one of her personalized covers that you can choose from?

Erin condren photo 2

What I absolutely love about Erin is that both her parents were teachers.  She knows what teachers are looking for in a planner and understands that organization is so vital with our profession.  Stop by her site and take a look at what is included in this awesome planner!  This is truly the best teacher planner out there!

Now, you don’t necessarily need to be a teacher to enter!  She sells so many other great products!  Take a look at her life planner…

erin condren life planner 3

Super cute, huh?!?!

I am also LOVING these personalized lucite trays…

erin condren designer tray 5

Take a look at the pattern on this one…

erin condren photo 4

I told you they are cute!!!

I bet you are dying to know how to win, right?  Well, here is how…

Must be completed to be entered:

{1} Visit Erin and leave us a comment letting me know which item is your favorite!  Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter!

For additional entries:

{2} Visit Erin on Facebook and say “hi! “  Leave a comment below letting me know you did!

{3} Are you a fan of Schoolgirl Style on Facebook?  If so, let me know!

*All entries must be received by Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

*Winner is Jennifer Ross!

Good luck!


  1. Ann Marie Thompson says

    LOVE Erin Conden. I have the Life Planner and can’t leave the house without it. I am dying for the Teacher Planner though. :-) I am a fan of Erin Condren and you on FB!

  2. Corinna says

    Visited the site and Love the designer trays. Especially the happy hearts one.

    And I already LIKE your facebook!

  3. Pam says

    My favorite? Too hard!! Oh my. I guess the life planner – but the cell phone covers are really cute as well…and so are the teacher planners!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Pam!
      I notice your name all the time! Just wanted to personally thank you for being such a loyal supporter of Schoolgirl Style! xoxo

  4. Carrie says

    I love the personalized planner and all of those products for that matter. They are adorable. You girls are so talented. Thankfully us teacher gals have you to help keep us stylish and organized. :-)

    • Carrie says

      I love the personalized planner and all of those products for that matter. They are adorable. You girls are so talented. Thankfully us teacher gals have you to help keep us stylish and organized. :-) I added Erin as a FB friend and signed up for the newsletter!!

  5. kristin says

    Like schoolgirl style and on facebook!

    I LOVE erin condren! Have the life planner, teacher planner, christmas labels, gift tags and have ordered life planners and wedding planners for christmas gifts! I can’t get enough and have many more things on my “i wish” list. Hoping to win!

  6. Kristen says

    LOVE it all! A few of my favorites are the teacher planner, growth charts, address labels…. Would love and could easily spend a gift card, and then some!

  7. Melanie says

    LOVE your blog and follow you on Facebook. I just learned about Erin Condren and absolutely in awe of her wonderful products…bring out my wonderful OCD.

  8. Jeannel says

    I love your blog and Facebook page. Now I love Erin Condren and let the world know on Facebook! I am in the teaching program and would love that teacher planner:-) Thanks!

  9. Sara says

    Recently found Schoolgirl Style on fb and I am loving you!!! I check out Erin Condren and am in love with the plan book and life planner. Wish I had know about this before the school year started. Also excited to see her photo books. I left her a little note gushing over her! Thanks for introducing me!

  10. Debbie says

    Wow! What a fun site to visit! I would have to say it would be great to have the Teacher Planner or the Life Planner. They both look wonderful!

  11. Kathleen Nelles says

    I have heard of these, but never looked into it. I like her year long planner-inspire….looks like something I would use! Thanks for the link and getting me over there!

  12. Morgan Bowen says

    My jaw dropped when I saw that this was the giveaway. I seriously am obsessed with Erin Condren stuff and I really really need a life planner! :)

  13. Jami says

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! :) I have been following you on FB for a while (I kinda feel like a stalker LOL) You have an amazing talent!

  14. Robin says

    Facebook fan, pinterest fan! All around fan! Never heard of the Erin Condren products. Looking forward to investigating them more!

  15. Theresa says

    I just ordered the life planner but I would love the teacher planner for the new school year. I will be a student intern and I am sure it would help.

  16. Heather Hilliker says

    Thank you so much for directing me to Erin! LOVE her style! Not only did I “Like” her on FB, but left a message stating that SchoolGirl Style had directed me there. :)
    I absolutely, LOVE her Life Planner and see a purchase in the near future! :)

  17. Sheila Kennedy says

    Where do I begin? I can not believe I never discovered her site before. Thank you for introducing it to me…I think- I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping in the near future! I LOVE the planners most of all but also would like one of the phone covers, note cards, address labels, gift tags, & so much more!!

  18. Sheila Kennedy says

    I am of course a fan of yours on fb. I am so glad I found you! Love your blog! Thanks for all your hard work:)

  19. Shannon Hull says

    Oh boy, oh boy! I would love to win and get closer to that Life Planner I’ve been drooling over! It was fun to see the Erin Condren FB page, and yours as well! ;o)

  20. kasey says

    Was just on erincondren (facebook) and saw all the “school girl” comments so I had to do some research. I liked you on faceboook and was even more intruiged! I am a stay at home mom now but was a teacher for 5 years and it is in my blood!!! I can’t wait to see all your “goodies” on your blog!
    My favorite item is the life planner! Have used it while teaching (before the lesson planner came out) and now use it daily for my busy life! I am all signed up for their newsletter too.

  21. Cathy B says

    I would love to have a life planner. I have been feeling so disorganized and overwhelmed lately. I am constantly forgetting to do something. I put reminders on my phone, but sometimes I think it is better to go back to the days before the iPhone and use a planner. I need visuals! 😉

  22. Erin Garnett says

    I not only loved the planner…i absolutely love how her tabs make a sparkl sound! I am your number one fan. I said hi too!

  23. Debra White says

    Favorites….too many to list all of them! But, I do love her teacher planners, those acrylic blocks, the phone cases, and the acrylic trays. I’m sure I’ll be shopping there. :)

  24. says

    I am IN LOVE with the life planner in turquoise zig zag AND the “favorite things” cover. I also like the iPhone cover in zig zag — apparently I’m really into zig zags right now! lol. But I’ve been drooling over EC planners since last summer and would LOVE to win!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. says

    I recently found out about ErinCondren and love so many of their products. My favorite is the teacher planner. I so want to get one and maybe I can stay better organied.

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